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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster: 10 Easy Tips for Long and Healthy Hair

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Looking for easy ways to increase hair growth rates and speed?

We have a few tips that may help you reach your hair growth goals - and most of them are easy enough to start today.

1. Eat a nutrient-packed diet

Your hair is made up of proteins, and plenty of vitamins and minerals are needed for hair growth to be optimal.

Eat a well-balanced diet full of various fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins on a daily basis to give your hair follicles the building blocks to do their thing.

2. Scalp massage

Massaging the scalp may help increase local blood flow and help hair grow faster and thicker.

In one study, 9 men received a 4-minute scalp massage every day for 24 weeks. After the end of the study, measurements showed hairs increase in thickness.

The benefits of scalp massage seem to be from the stretching forces on the scalp dermal cells.

3. Cut down on your hair washing

Overwashing your hair may lead to stripping of the natural scalp oils that help hair grow.

If you tend to have more oily hair, you may only be able to extend the washing out so far, but at least aim for an every-other-day washing.

Dry shampoo may be an option for some to help extend out hair washing day as well.

4. Reduce your stress levels

One study found that women who reported high stress levels were more likely to experience hair loss than women who reported lower stress levels.

And, since high-stress levels are bad for much more than just your hair, stress reduction is always a good idea.

Integrate your favorite exercise, yoga, or meditation on a regular basis to help keep stress levels manageable.

5. Switch to silky pillowcases

While we don’t have a fancy pillowcase study to back this one up, some people swear by switching up your pillowcases for hair benefits.

The logic is that cotton pillowcases cause more friction and do not let hair move around as easily as silk or satin pillowcases, leading to hair tangles and breakage.

Since silky pillowcases are an easy (and luxurious) swap to make, and there is no downside here, this tip is worth a try.

6. Supplement nutrient deficiencies

Adding on a Biotin or Hair, Skin, and Nails supplement may help avoid deficiencies that could be affecting hair growth.

One review study found that adding on a Biotin supplement may help with hair growth in those that are Biotin deficient.

If you aren’t sure that you are getting everything your hair needs on a daily basis, adding on a daily Hair, Skin, and Nails supplement with Biotin could ensure you cover all your nutrient bases when paired with a healthy diet.

StrutVite is our go-to Hair, Skin, and Nail supplement that packs a big Biotin boost.

7. Be gentle with wet hair

When your hair is wet it is more delicate and prone to breakage and damage.

Avoid brushing wet hair or roughly wrapping hair in a towel just out of the shower.

Brush and style your hair when it is dry to avoid unnecessary breakage.

8. Don’t over-style

Constantly brushing your hair or blow-drying and straightening every day can lead to hair damage and losses.

Try to find days to minimally style your hair, or choose to only heat style a few days a week to give your strands a break.

And while some brushing is good to distribute oils and massage the scalp, overdoing it can cause hair losses.

9. Loosen up

If your favorite hairstyle is a high and tight ponytail - you could be damaging your hair in the process.

High ponytails may pull the hair back too tightly, putting tension on the strands and leading to pulled out hairs.

If you still want to rock an updo style, go for a low and loose ponytail to put less stress on your locks.

10. Talk to a doc

If you think you are past the point of simple tips and you want to see if there is anything more intense that you can do to make your hair fuller and longer, you may need to speak with your doctor.

Strut Hair Formula is a physician-crafted minoxidil-containing compounded formula aimed at hair loss reduction and potential increased hair growth for women.

And Finasteride or Dutasteride are medications for men which help you retain your current hair while potentially increasing new growth. Both of these options are available in oral or topical forms.

All of these options are prescription-only, so if you want to see if Strut Hair Formula or Finasteride or Dutasteride treatments are right for your hair goals you can schedule an Online Visit with our doctors today.

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