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How To Inject a Semaglutide Medication From a Vial: Step by Step

Learn how to inject a medication from a vial, step-by-step.

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A self-injected medication, like the popular weight loss medication Semaglutide, can seem intimidating at first. But, with a little step-by-step guidance, you will be able to administer your medication with ease.

While these steps may vary slightly depending on your exact medications and instructions, below is some general injection guidance for medications like Semaglutide drawn up into a syringe from a vial.

This is information on exactly how to inject once the syringe is already filled. If you need help with step-by-step guidance on filling a syringe from a sterile vial, take a look at our article linked below:

How To Fill a Syringe From a Vial

Step 1: Clean your injection site

Cleaning the injection site on your skin is very important before injecting. Leaving the skin not cleaned can push microbes through the skin with the needle and increase your risk of infection.

Take a clean alcohol swab and thoroughly clean the area. Then, allow the area to dry before going ahead with the injection. Be careful to not touch the cleaned area with anything after using the alcohol swab.

Step 2: Pinch up the skin of the injection site

For this injection, you will pinch up about a 1-inch portion of skin between your thumb and fingers at your injection site. This pinched-up area between your fingers will be where you will inject.

Step 3: Insert the needle

For this injection, you will insert the new, clean needle straight down into the pinched-up skin, at a 90-degree angle. Take care to hold the syringe and needle straight during insertion and the whole time it is in the skin.

Step 4: Push down the syringe plunger

Then, carefully push the syringe plunger down slowly to inject the contained medication. After the plunger is fully down, you will want to leave the needle in place for a few seconds to allow the medication to get into the injection area.

Step 5: Carefully pull out the needle

Now, you will carefully pull the needle out of the skin by pulling it straight up.

Step 6: Dispose of the needle in the sharps container

It is now best to immediately place the syringe and needle into your sharps container. No need to recap the needle before placing in your container – this may increase your risk of sticking yourself.

Step 7: Blot or bandaid any blood droplets

You may notice a small droplet of blood coming out of your injection site. This will likely be minimal, or may not appear at all. 

If a blood droplet does appear, simply press a clean cotton ball or cotton pad to the area for a little bit to clean up and stop the bleeding. You may also apply a bandaid to the injection site if needed.

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