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How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship?

Dealing with erectile dysfunction in a relationship? Communication is the key. Learn what to do if you are going through this situation.

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Navigating a sexual relationship when your partner has erectile dysfunction can be tricky. When a person with ED is in a relationship, ED suddenly becomes this sticky situation where sex may or may not work out every time. And if the couple struggles with this, it can really take a toll on the relationship.

“Help! How do I deal with erectile dysfunction in my relationship?

There are many questions and concerns that are raised when your partner has ED. The question, “Well, how can I please my partner with ED?” is probably less logistical but more “How can I help my partner get past the possible embarrassment of ED and understand I still want to please him no matter what?”

It’s a fair question, and it’s understandably tough to navigate. Likely, the solution lies in both empathy and great communication. Let’s outline a few ways you can be a better partner to someone with ED.

Learn everything you can about erectile dysfunction to create a safe space. Then open lines of communication.

Ah, empathy. We can deepen our connections to a person when we try in earnest to better understand them or their experiences. If you have a partner with ED, get comfortable with the topic by reading up and educating yourself on ED. This is not so you can give him Dr. Google’s advice but so that you can better empathize with a deeper understanding of the condition. (The fact that you are reading this article right now shows that you are making a great effort to explore how to be the best partner to your love. 5 stars)

The fact is, it’s not his job to educate you on his condition. Not only is learning about erectile dysfunction very helpful for communication’s sake, but it also shows you care. Can you imagine the productivity and safety created by a conversation that begins with “Listen, honey, I took the afternoon to read up on ED so I can better understand everything and I want you to know that we’re a team, I love you and we can talk about this whenever you want.” His response might not be a line out of Pride & Prejudice but he will see that you care about him, accept him and he will know the topic is safe for him to explore with you when he is ready. And that my friend, is golden.

Communication is key

Arguably the most important aspect of making any relationship work is communication, communication, communication. Now that you have expanded your understanding of the condition, test the waters with communication. Your partner might not want to talk about it, he might feel awkward, and you might not be on the same page, to begin with. And all of this is okay.

Dating a partner with ED might involve having conversations you’ve never had before. And this could be true for both parties. So tread lightly, but be as understanding as you can be while also exploring your own feelings on this. Often, men are sensitive about this topic and that is something to respect. The goal is to be able to talk openly about desires, fears, and frustrations (and remember, this is a two-way street).

When these feelings are out in the open, that is when you both can empathize with each other and move through it, together.

Explore the topic of various ED options with him

When researching ED you might find a million avenues available to those with erectile dysfunction. There are lifestyle interventions like changing diets, increasing physical activity, and stress management. There are also prescription medications that can help with erectile blood flow. When you are openly communicating about ED, ask your partner if he is open to trying a form of ED treatment.

  1. Ask about how he feels about considering ways to improve his ED.
  2. Perhaps, remind him that 30 million men, in the US alone, also have this condition and many of them respond very well to lifestyle changes and medications.

Explore and expand your sexual repertoire

I can’t stress this next part enough; having a partner with ED is not the end of your sex life. Far from it. This might just mean you both need to remain open to trying new things in the bedroom. Even if erections are difficult, it’s possible he can still have an orgasm. If that’s the case, oh man, the possibilities endless. Get creative and don’t get discouraged.

Big sis advice: Remember to relax. You are not the first couple to go through this and you are certainly not the last. Grow through it together and enjoy your sex life.

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