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How to Cure Melasma From The Inside Out

In this article, we’ll go over a few ways you can support your melasma treatment by addressing root causes, and how to cure melasma from the inside out.

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Curing a skin condition like melasma from the inside will require an understanding of the condition, and a holistic view of your health. In this article, we’ll go over a few ways you can support your melasma treatment by addressing root causes, and how to cure melasma from the inside out.

Firstly, what is melasma?

Melasma, also known as chloasma and the “mask of pregnancy,” is a very common skin condition that causes irregular dark, discolored patches on the skin. These discolorations are often found on the face and most commonly affect women.

Read more about the mask of pregnancy.

What causes melasma?

The cause of melasma isn’t entirely clear. However, there are correlations between a few factors that have been accepted as causes, such as:

  • Estrogen and progesterone sensitivity
  • Hormonal birth control pills
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Thyroid disease
  • Sun exposure

So, how can it be cured from the inside?

Treating melasma from the inside out

There are a lot of scientifically proven ways to topically improve the discoloration caused by melasma -- the external approach. However, if you want to find and treat the root cause, there are a few things you can do.  

Balance hormones

A common cause of melasma is hormone dysregulation. One of the most impactful ways to improve your melasma is to make sure your hormones are balanced. This might include asking your physician for a hormone blood panel.

Perhaps your sex hormones, thyroid hormones, or stress hormones are off-kilter. If your hormones are in fact out of whack, work with your physician to regain a hormonal balance. If melasma is caused by the dysregulated hormone issue, the melasma may correct itself.

Liver support

The liver has a huge job. One of its functions is to help regulate sex hormones, stress hormones, and thyroid hormones. If your liver is struggling in detoxing these excess hormones, then you could develop a hormonal imbalance as a result. Balance your hormones by supporting your liver function. Liver support for treating melasma from inside out:

Manage stress

While stress might not be a direct cause of skin conditions, it is a direct cause of increased stress hormones. Which may cause other hormonal imbalances that can affect your skin.  However, some researchers say stress is a cause of melasma.

So, try your best to manage your stress and prioritize your mental well being.

Recent research has found the brain-skin connection (stress to skin connection) to be greatly linked to inflammatory skin conditions.  

Breathing exercises, while it might feel too simple, can be a great stress management aid. Take a breather.


Lack of sleep is a form of stress. If you are constantly burning the midnight oil, try a new sleep ritual of turning in early. Make sure you are getting enough sleep so your body has ample time to rest and recover from your day. This time is precious to the skin as your skin is in healing mode while you sleep. If you’re the type who feels the time is wasted while sleeping -- know that your body is busy at work healing and repairing, even while you sleep.

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet

You are what you eat. If you are eating inflammatory foods on a consistent basis, you may be consistently inflamed. This is definitely not good news for the “curing melasma from the inside out” kick.

A great way to support healing your melasma is by eating anti-inflammatory foods and staying away from foods you’re sensitive to. Eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants as these can have direct results on the health of your skin.

Support your efforts with proven topical treatments

Cover your bases and try an “outside-in” approach as well. A good way to support your melasma-curing efforts is to try proven topical melasma treatments like the skin-brightening tretinoin or hydroquinone. While melasma can correct on its own once you’ve found and corrected the root cause, it might take quite some time to fade. Speed up this fading process by using Strut Health’s topical melasma formula. treats melasma online

If you are interested in trying a dermatologist formulated melasma compound cream, has your back. This melasma cream contains prescription hydroquinone and is our go-to formula for lightning dark melasma spots.

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