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Natural Home Remedies for Melasma: Do They Work?

Melasma is particularly stubborn when it comes to treatment. Let’s consult research and find some natural remedies for melasma.

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Melasma hyperpigmentation is very common. While the discoloration is not harmful, many people are not happy with the skin discoloration it can cause. Melasma is particularly stubborn when it comes to treatment.

This is why doctors often use powerful prescription creams to treat melasma. However, are there natural remedies for melasma that actually work?

Let’s consult research and find some natural remedies for melasma.

Natural melasma remedies

The internet offers no shortage of skin “hacks” and DIY remedies. While some are totally safe, and at times, effective, some may actually make melasma worse.

Many have sworn by the use of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, onion, or garlic.

However, these are anecdotal claims and have not been supported by scientific review.  Additionally, things like lemon juice and apple cider vinegar may make melasma worse.

Here are 3 proven natural remedies for melasma:

#1 Kojic acid

Derived from fermented mushrooms, kojic acid is a great naturally derived treatment for melasma. However, this is not a home remedy that you’d likely find in your spice cabinet. If you’re looking for a melasma treatment that is totally natural, and scientifically proven to help lighten melasma dark patches, look no further than kojic acid. This natural remedy works to suppress melanin production (bye-bye melasma) and with consistent use can eventually depigment melasma.

After 2 weeks of topical use on your melasma patches, you can begin to see a lightening effect.

Learn more:Kojic Acid Cream 101

#2 Sun protection

Without sun protection and the use of daily SPF sunscreen, it’s difficult to treat melasma. So if you are looking for a simple, natural remedy for melasma, look into how you can step up your sun protection. Melasma can be triggered and worsened by UV rays.

So, doing your best to protect yourself from these harmful rays is a great way to naturally treat melasma.  

Try using sun hats, sunscreen, and staying out of direct sunlight. Even these precautions do not completely protect your skin from UV rays, instead, they act as a buffering filter. When you are outside, be aware of the time of day. From 10 am to 2 pm the sun’s rays are the most powerful.

#3 Aloe vera

The gel-like internal substance of the aloe vera plant contains aloin, a naturally occurring chemical that has skin lightening properties.

In a 2017 study, over the course of 5 weeks, researchers found liposome-encapsulated aloe vera gel extract to be a good source of skin lightening for those with melasma.

Aloe vera also has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties and offers UV protection. This naturally gentle treatment might be a good melasma treatment to use in parallel with standard melasma treatments.

Strut Health’s melasma formula

Here at Strut Health, we know how common melasma is, which is why we created a powerful melasma cream which contains hydroquinone and kojic acid. Our formula marries the best of natural remedies and proven prescription agents. This is our go-to to help our patients treat hyperpigmentation and melasma dark spots.

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