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How Long Does Semaglutide Stay in Your System?

If you stop using Semaglutide, how long will the medication remain in your system?

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Semglutide is the active medication inside of the popular brand medications Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus. These medications are commonly used for weight loss or diabetes treatment.

While this is generally considered to be a long-term medication for weight loss that you stay on for a long time. Some people may stop using this medication because they can’t tolerate the side effects, or maybe they have met their goals and are ready to stop.

So, if you stop taking Semaglutide, just how long will it stay in your system? Also, will it continue working while it is clearing out, or will the effects wear off quicker? 

Below, we will go into detail about how long Semaglutide generally stays in your system, as well as how long it may still work, and what to expect from stopping this medication.

If you stop taking Semaglutide how long will it stay in your system?

Semaglutide has a half-life of approximately 7 days once you use it. This means that if you inject a dosage of 1mg, a week later half of it will be gone, leaving 0.5mg left in your body. After 2 weeks, you can expect about 0.25mg to remain and so on.

After approximately 5 half-lives from your last dose (in this case, 5 weeks), it is generally considered to be processed out of your body, although there will be trace amounts remaining.

Will Semaglutide continue working the whole time it is in your system?

Even though technically you will still have some Semaglutide remaining in your body throughout the course of 5ish weeks, it is unlikely that you are still feeling the effects of it this whole time.

This exact timing will differ from person to person. But, you can expect for the functionality of the Semaglutide to stop being “felt” probably within a week or two after you have taken your last dose.

For instance, some people may even feel the effects of their Semaglutide taper off at the end of the week, just before they are due for their next dosage. This shows that as the Semaglutide falls below a certain level in your body with time, the effects may not be felt as strongly.

What will happen when you stop taking Semaglutide medications?

When you stop taking Semaglutide medications, you should incrementally start feeling the effects of the medication taper off. This may mean that you are not feeling the appetite-suppressing effects, you don’t feel as full as you did when taking Semaglutide, or you are getting hungry more often.

If you were experiencing side effects from Semaglutide, like stomach upset and others, these will likely also start reducing as well.

If you hope to maintain any weight loss you achieved through using Semaglutide, this is now the time to implement and keep up healthy lifestyle habits like regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. You may find that it is harder to resist snacking or eating less healthy foods than it was when you were on your Semaglutide medication.

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