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How Long Can Compounded Semaglutide Stay out of the Fridge?

Learn about how compounded Semaglutide should be stored and how long it can remain out of the fridge when using it.

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Semaglutide is the active ingredient in prescription medications Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus. Some people also get Semaglutide medications from compounding pharmacies.

It is recommended to store your Ozempic and Wegovy pens in the fridge, but what about the storage for compounded Semaglutide? What about when you take your medication out to inject it – just how long can it stay out of the fridge?

Below, we will answer some of the common questions regarding fridge storage and compounded Semaglutide. But, keep in mind that the storage recommendations may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy or for different products. If you are not sure how to store your medication, contact the pharmacy that dispensed it to you to get some more information.

How should compounded Semaglutide medications be stored?

In general, compounded Semaglutide medications should always be stored in the fridge between the temperatures of 36 to 46°F (2 to 8°C). 

Temperatures warmer than this or colder than this should be avoided to help maintain the potency and safety of the medication. Freezing temperatures may negatively impact the active ingredient and make it less effective.

Since compounded Semaglutide is normally used as an injectable medication, this means that it was compounded in a sterile pharmacy lab, and must be kept refrigerated. (Oral semaglutide medications like Rybelsus tablets or compounded lozenges generally do not need refrigeration, unless you prefer it that way or have been instructed to refrigerate them.)

How long can compounded Semaglutide stay out of the fridge?

In order to use your compounded Semaglutide medication, you will need to remove the vial from the fridge, and take some time to draw out the medication and inject it. 

During this time it is ok for the medication to be out of the fridge for a few minutes, although you will want to try your best to minimize this time. Also, do not forget to place the medication back into the refrigerator right after you are done. This is likely only a few minutes, and the medication will still stay cool during this time.

Let’s say you’ve had a busy day, and you somehow accidentally left your medication out at room temperature after your injection. It is still safe to use? This is an unfortunate situation, and you may need to toss the unrefrigerated medication to be safe. If this has happened to you, call the pharmacy that you get your medication from, give them all of the details including time estimates for how long it has been out, and discuss the next steps with them.

What are the potential risks of a non-refrigerated Semaglutide medication?

So, just what could happen if Semaglutide medications are left unrefrigerated?

A few unwanted things could take place:

  1. The potency of the medication could be affected: Refrigeration helps preserve and slow the degradation of medications. If medications that need refrigeration are left out at room temp or warmer, this can speed up the degradation of the active ingredients and reduce how well the medication can work (if it is even safe to use at all).
  2. There could be bacterial or fungal growth: Even though these medications come to use as sterile liquids, once they are punctured, there is a risk of bacteria or fungi being pushed into the medication vial. Warm temperatures can speed the growth of bacteria and fungi and make the medication unsafe to use.

Visually inspect your medication to make sure it looks ok

Any time you use a compounded Semaglutide medication, it is important to visually inspect the liquid in the vial – even if you have stored it 100% properly every time.

You should see only a clear, uncloudy liquid, with nothing else in there. If you are noticing particulates, cloudiness, a color change, or anything else that seems off, do not use the medication and contact the pharmacy you got it from immediately. These can be signs of contamination, precipitation, or microbial growth, and it is not safe to use.

Contact your doctor or pharmacy if you aren’t sure what to do

If at any point you are confused by the storage instructions on your Semaglutide medication, or if you have accidentally left it out of the fridge, you will want to contact your doctor or pharmacy to figure out what to do next.

Any pharmacy that dispenses a medication to you should be able to advise on storage, beyond use date, and if a medication is safe to use. 

If you are at all worried about improper storage, it is best to play it safe and not use the medication.

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