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Can Hair Products Lead to Hair Loss? Get Hair Care Answers

Below we will cover certain situations where products may cause damage to your hair and follicles and help you avoid a product-related hair loss situation.

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Hair products are supposed to make your hair, and you, look better.

So, if a product is making your hair break off or fall out, that would definitely not be a good thing. But, can hair products really cause hair loss, or is this just a misconception?

Below we will cover certain situations where products may cause damage to your hair and follicles and help you avoid a product-related hair loss situation.

Most hair loss is from internal issues, not hair products

To start, it should be noted that the vast majority of hair loss issues stem from things going on inside of your body, not what you apply to your hair externally.

The most common causes of hair loss are aging, hormonal levels or changes, physical or mental stress, or health conditions. Very rarely does hair loss occur from hair products, and there are specific avoidable situations in which this normally happens.

Harsh hair dyes, bleaches, and chemical relaxers can cause hair loss

This should surprise no-one, but harsh dyes, bleaches, and chemical straighteners can be very rough on your hair and scalp, to the point where hair may fall out.

These products tend to be way more damaging when they are attempted at home, without being done by a professional hairstylist.

Always consult with a hairstylist before choosing to take on any of these harsher treatments, and have them done professionally to help reduce the damage to your hair and avoid any potential hair losses.

Keep your styling techniques gentle

The way in which you decide to style your hair can also play a role in hair losses, which may be unrelated to the products you are using. If you use lots of heated styling tools, roughly pull at the hair from the root repeatedly while blow-drying, or prefer very tight styles like high ponytails or braids, your hair loss may be related to overly-rough styling techniques.

Scalp irritation can lead to hair loss

Anything that causes consistent irritation to the scalp can cause follicular damage and the potential release of the hair.

Everyone has different scalp sensitivities, and some products may produce dryness, itching, flaking, redness, and overall irritation on the scalp, even if the ingredients seem gentle.

Over time, if the product is continued, this persistent irritation could lead to hair losses. The best way to deal with a product that is irritating your scalp, is to simply stop using it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is “bad”, and some other people may be able to use it without irritation, this just means that the product isn’t a good fit for you.

Products that are not properly removed can cause hair loss

There is a big trend at the moment for less frequent washing of your hair, and while for some this may be a good thing, if the washing is so infrequent that you are left with caked-on hair products, it is not good.

Built-up residue from products may cause scalp irritation, or even physically clog the follicle and prevent hair from growing. Having this gunk on your scalp long term could be a cause of hair loss in some.

This type of hair loss is more related to the product not being removed properly, and not necessarily a sign that the product itself is the irritant.

Be sure to thoroughly clean your scalp to remove all residue to help keep your scalp healthy and avoid hair losses due to caked-on products.

Breakage from using the wrong products can lead to hair loss

Everyone has a different “type” of hair. Some may deal with oily locks, while others battle with dryness.

Choosing a product that doesn’t match up with your hair type, or what your hair needs to stay healthy can lead to hair breakage or losses simply from not being a good choice for you.

Using overly stripping hair products, or those with drying ingredients like polyethylene glycol or alcohol, can cause strands to become brittle, and break off easily, making your hair look thinner and shorter.

If you aren’t sure what products are a good fit for your hair, speak with your stylist for product recommendations that suit you.

Bottom Line:

Most hair loss develops from internal causes like hormones, age, stress, or health conditions, and it is usually not related to hair products.

However, if hair products are used incorrectly like leaving residue caked on your scalp or continuing to use products that are irritating to you, you may develop some hair loss from the misuse.

Using hair products that are overly drying can lead to brittle hair that breaks off easily, making your hair appear thinner or shorter. Hair loss can also develop from harsh dyes, bleaches, or styling techniques, so complex treatments should always be left to a professional, and styling should be gentle.

Be sure to stop using products that cause irritation to your scalp, avoid overly drying ingredients, and thoroughly wash hair products off of your scalp regularly in order to avoid hair breakage or losses related to hair products.

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