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During What Season Does Hair Fall Out the Most?

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Everyone has probably noticed that hair loss seems to increase and decrease sometimes, but did you know that there is a seasonal aspect to increased hair loss?

Read on to learn more about when hair loss increases, potential reasons why, and what you can do about it.

You have the most hairs on your head during the summer

During the summer months, your scalp tends to hang onto more hairs than in any other season.

This is thought to potentially be due to the body trying to hold onto more scalp hair to help protect the scalp from the excess UV rays from the sweltering summer sun. The body may also be responding to the excess heat or longer days that come along with this time of the year.

These hairs enter the telogen phase after the summer months

Once the summer months are over, some of the extra hairs that your scalp was hanging on to will enter into the telogen phase. The telogen phase is a resting phase for the hair follicle, where the hairs stop growth for about 100 days, and are then shed.

This is different than the previous anagen growth phase, which normally consists of the continued growth of the hair for 2-6 years.

The end of the telogen phase in fall and winter

This telogen cycle that was started in the retained hair from the summer will start coming to the shedding end come the cooler fall and winter months.

This means that you will generally start seeing slightly more hairs being shed during these cooler months, which is completely normal.

This may also have something to do with the cooler temperate or the shorter days that come along with this time of the year.

This cycle is normal

This cycle of thicker a thinner hair, and more and less shedding, is completely normal and happens in most people, so don't be too alarmed if you see a few more strands ended up in the drain during the cooler months.

This is also not the end of that hair follicle, as after the hair is shed, it will normally pause for a little bit, then go right back into growing another hair which will stay in the growth phase for a number of years.

What to do if your hair is shedding too much

Of course, not every case of hair shedding will be seasonal, and some may be dealing with long-term hair loss or excess hair shedding from a medical or health condition.

If your hair loss is coming out in clumps, falling out very rapidly, centered on your hairline and part, or forming visible patches - you may be dealing with a hair loss issue or genetic hair loss and should speak with a doctor.

If you feel like you are dealing with seasonal shedding, but still don’t like it one bit, you can take extra measures to protect and increase the health of your hair throughout the year.

Increase the health and thickness of your hair by consuming plenty of hair-healthy nutrients through food or supplements, reduce hair-damaging heat styling, or talk to your doctor about hair loss treatments like minoxidil.

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