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Dr. Tara Scott: Yeast and Hair Loss (Video)

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Dr. Tara Scott: Yeast and Hair Loss (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Hi, it’s Dr. Scott. Another cause that is non-hormonal that I often see associated with hair loss is yeast.

Now, we all have yeast in our body. Women know that we can often get yeast infection in the vagina. 

But, bacteria and yeast exist friendly, if they coexist peacefully in our body. If you have anything to tip the scale to favor yeast versus bacteria, you can get a yeast infection anywhere. Not just in the vagina, but you can get it under, you know, in areas like under your breast. You can also get it in your scalp or hair.

One of the ways we test for yeast is either looking for antibodies. But, I know that also checking to see if you have systemic yeast, sometimes we find it in the gut, and treating that can really help your hair loss.

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