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Dr. Tara Scott: What To Look For in Hair Supplements (Video)

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Dr. Tara Scott: What To Look For in Hair Supplements (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Hi, it’s Dr. Scott! Today I want to talk about nutrients that could affect your hair.

So, what are nutrients? Well, nutrients can be vitamins, they can be cofactors, they can be elements. 

When we talked about hair growth in the past, we talked about thyroid, we talked about cortisol, we talked about female hormones.

Well, all of these hormones have enzyme processes and need something called cofactors. Think of a cofactor as something like if you wanted to take cake batter and make a cupcake, you would need to have that cupcake pan. You cannot make the cupcake without that mold.

So, I like to think of cofactors like that.

What things are important for hair growth?

Well, I definitely think of B’s – a lot of B vitamins, B1, B2, B6, B12, but specifically Biotin.

A lot of skin, hair, nail vitamins have Biotin in them.

The other thing I think about is things that support the thyroid, like iodine and zinc. Those are 2 things that are really important.

If you are taking zinc, you always want to make sure it’s in balance with copper as well. 

The next thing that people take as well for hair growth is also collagen. Collagen could be separately in a powder, it could be in a vitamin. Collagen is the basis of your skin, it’s an approach that is used to turn over things.

We talked also about how stress can also affect hair loss.

So, some of these supplements also have ashwagandha in them as well. It’s thought that ashwagandha, which is a nightshade, from India actually, can help modulate your cortisol. 

So, a hair vitamin usually has B-vitamins in it, Biotin, sometimes it will have vitamin D, sometimes we’ll have zinc. 

But, you want to make sure you are looking for all of this. All of those things are actually present in StrutVite, which is one of the reasons why I think it is a great hair vitamin.

Strut Health’s StrutVite hair, skin, and nail supplement

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