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Dr. Tara Scott: Hair Loss in Women Due to Testosterone (Video)

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Dr. Tara Scott: Hair Loss in Women Due to Testosterone (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Hi guys, Dr. Tara Scott. Today I want to talk about hair loss specifically for women, and when it’s due to high androgens, or let’s just say high or low androgens.

We most commonly think hair loss is high testosterone for women. And the times that you’ll have high testosterone is potentially in puberty, also around perimenopause. 

When those eggs are getting old and they’re not responding and you’re not getting a period every month, the brain starts thinking “Hey, let’s get those eggs to release”, so the FSH and the LH from the brain goes up. The result is the cells around the egg that produce the testosterone hear that increased signal and start to make more testosterone.

The other time we see high testosterone is in somebody who doesn’t ovulate. It’s the same reason that FSH and LH are increasing. This is more commonly [seen] in something called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) where you’re not always ovulating, so the high signal from the brain causes an increase in testosterone.

Women can expect to have hair loss at the temples, and a lot of times [not] addressing this underlying hormonal imbalance can cause it. 

But, if you are someone that your hair loss is not from high testosterone, but from low testosterone, or low DHEA, which is an adrenal hormone, those testosterone blocking treatments may not help.

So, it’s really important to know which end of the spectrum you are when you are talking about testosterone and hair loss.

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