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Dr. Tara Scott: Hair Dryness From Menopause and Propylene Glycol (Video)

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Dr. Tara Scott: Hair Dryness From Menopause and Propylene Glycol (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Dr. Tara Scott here in conjunction with Strut Health.

Are you suffering from a lot of hair changes and the texture and the length and the consistency and the amount of hair that you have that are associated with unavoidable hormone shifts of perimenopause?

I am right there with you.

One of the things I noticed the most about my hair is the dryness of it.

So, I started checking labels of my haircare and found out that propylene glycol is an additive in a lot of things, especially the over-the-counter Minoxidil that I was trying to use for hair loss.

Well, what I found out is that the propylene glycol itself, while it’s needed to absorb the moisture and get that medication into your scalp and help with the hair growth, it also can be doing the same things causing dryness and flakiness. 

It could cause an allergic reaction, and it could be contributing to the dryness of my hair.

So, make sure that you check out Strut Health’s Hair Formula. This is specially compounded for you with no propylene glycol in it and can help the hair growth.

Strut Health Women’s Formulas with no propylene glycol

At Strut, we try to make our compounded hair formulations as gentle as possible to help you stay compliant with your treatment. For this reason, we avoid using additives like propylene glycol which may be drying or irritating to the scalp for some users.

Check out our Women’s Hair Loss Formulations page to see if a prescription formula is the right route for you.

Simply select the product you want, complete a free online questionnaire and image-based telemedicine questionnaire, and checkout. Our U.S. doctors will review your information, make sure the treatment is right for you, and develop a formula based on your concerns, your current hair, and your personal preferences.

Your medication will then be made at a U.S. compounding pharmacy and shipped to your front door with our free shipping.

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