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Dr. Bauman: Gel, Foam, or Solutions for Hair Loss Treatment? (Video)

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Dr. Bauman: Gel, foam, or solutions for hair loss treatment? (Video)

(Video Transcript)

A lot of topical products come in sprays, lotions, gels, foams.

What I find works best is using a solution that goes directly to the level of the scalp.

You know, when you use a dropper bottle with a gel or a lotion, it’s going to be delivered directly down onto the scalp. And you don’t have to worry about moving the hair out of the way.

You can apply it directly to the scalp, which is where you want the active substance to get into -- right where the follicles are. You don’t want to get it all over your hair.

Sometimes, if you are using a spray or a foam, it tends to get kind of sticky and gooey, or get applied to your hair.

Obviously, these are scalp treatments. We got to get it down onto the follicles.

So, try a gel first and go from there.

Strut Health topical hair loss medications online

Here at Strut, we offer topical hair loss treatments in both gel and liquid formulations. This helps get more of the product onto your scalp, so it can work, and less of it stuck in your hair.

We offer off-label topical Finasteride and Dutasteride formulations, as well as DHT-blocker-free topical medications.

If you are interested in seeing if a prescription topical gel or solution is a good fit for you, simply select the product you are interested in, and complete a free online questionnaire and image-based telemedicine consultation in under 15 minutes.

Our U.S. doctors will review your information and preferences and develop a treatment plan for you, if appropriate.

Then, your medication will be made up at a U.S. compounding pharmacy and shipped to your home with free shipping.

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