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Dr. Bauman: #1 Sign Your Hair Loss Treatment Is Working (Video)

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Dr. Bauman: #1 sign your hair loss treatment is working

(Video Transcript)

So, no matter what treatment regimen you are on, if you are on oral or topical medications, as we mentioned before, it takes time to know if it’s working.

Sometimes the first sign of a treatment that is working is actually increased shedding. And, this can be confusing for patients. 

Why are you going to shed from using, let’s say, topical Minoxidil or another strong treatment? 

Well, it has to do with the way that hair follicles cycle, over time. So, as a follicle that is resting gets turned into a growing follicle, it can actually push out the old hair shaft. And, that makes room for the new one, which is good news.

Obviously, it can be concerning for a couple of weeks. You might go through that shedding phase, but stick with it!

The more shedding you see when you start that treatment, the more hair growth you are going to get on the back end months later.

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