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Why Compounded Hair Loss Formulas Are My Go-To For Women’s Hair Loss

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Dr. Anna Chacon

As a dermatologist, I know the toll that hair or skin disorders and concerns can take on a patient’s self-esteem and confidence. So, when I am considering a treatment for my patients, I want to make sure they will be getting the best results possible without having to hop to lots of different treatments (which may lead to discouragement).

There are a few different hair loss medications for women out there including Spironolactone to reduce DHT, and Minoxidil to increase blood flow to the scalp and boost growth. Sometimes it is difficult to choose one or the other for a specific hair loss case. In the past, if I wanted a patient to attempt both of these at the same time, I would have to prescribe one and ask the patients to pick up the other over the counter at a drug store, and then explain to the patient that they need to use both.

Treating a hair condition can be stressful enough on a person, so I don’t like the added stress of a complicated and confusing treatment regimen. When I prescribe a compounded hair loss formula for my patients, I can easily have more than one ingredient mixed right into the formula together. This helps me be sure that the patient is using all ingredients together, at the exact same time, and at the strength I want, to help me better gauge the benefit of the formula for each individual. But, more importantly, it keeps things easier for the patient, while addressing the problem from multiple angles to potentially give them better hair growth benefits.

Strut Health’s Women’s Hair Formula combines a DHT-blocker Spironolactone with Minoxidil, plus a little Tretinoin to help drive those ingredients into the scalp for more interaction at the hair follicle. Since I am dealing with a compounding pharmacy, I know that they are using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and accurately incorporating ingredients down to the mcg. I appreciate how Strut provides lots of information to the patient with their order, plus 24/7 customer support in case of any questions.

I like to treat my patients as if they were members of my own family, so hair loss treatments that are effective, simple to use, and produce optimal results to make them feel better about their hair is my ultimate goal.

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