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Dr. Alan Bauman: How To Use Strut Dermaroller for Hair Growth (Video)

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Dr. Alan Bauman: How To Use Strut Dermaroller for Hair Growth (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Hey everybody! It’s Dr. Alan Bauman from Bauman Medical Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment Center on behalf of Strut.

 Going to talk to you today about how to do dermarolling at home for hair growth. 

So, we’ve done a previous video on all the benefits of dermarolling for hair growth and there are links to all the scientific evidence we have today about how dermarolling and microneedling can impact hair quality and texture and so forth.

So, if you want that information, please check out our previous post. But, for today we’re going to go into exactly how to apply a microroller or microneedling or dermaroller at home for great hair growth.

So, what you're going to need is a dermaroller like this one. And, you can get this one from Strut

Here’s what it looks like as it comes out of the box. 

If you're going to use it you need to make sure you sterilize it So, get yourself some isopropyl alcohol, dip it in, and then you’re ready to go.

One of the main issues is that you’ve got to get access to all of the different areas of your scalp that you want to treat.

So, if your hair is super short, no worries. But, if your hair is kind of long like mine, you want to do this as you’re coming out of the shower, and towel dry. 

Make sure that you can part your hair and get access to all of the different zones.

So, your dermaroller is going to have microneedles attached to it, and this one has a 1.5 millimeter (mm) needle with hundreds of them.

And, what you want to do in each area concern, you want to treat it basically three different ways.

So, for example, you're going to roll in this direction, horizontally, and then go vertically, turn it 90 degrees, right? And then you want to go on an angle. 

So, for each area, you want to treat it three times and you want to use that all the way from the hairline into the temples, the mid-scalp, and don’t forget the crown even though you can’t see it from the front. Get yourself a mirror so that you can get good microneedling going in that area of concern.

It’s not super important to treat the areas around the sides and the back of your scalp for male pattern baldness, those areas are going to be permanent. 

So, again, get yourself a good microneedling dermarolling device from Strut. Part the hair to get access to all of the different zones. Treat the area three times each. And, one of the most important things – don’t overdo it.

If you’re having any discomfort at all, obviously go easy.

Everybody’s scalp is different in terms of its sensitivity and thickness. So, start slowly and increase from there, and good luck!

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A dermaroller is a great way to stimulate growth and increase blood flow to the scalp. You may even be able to use a dermaroller in conjunction with topical hair loss treatment agents like Minoxidil, Finasteride, or Dutasteride to amplify your results.

Learn more about Strut’s Dermaroller for Hair, or place an order from the Strut Dermaroller product page.

If you want to combine a topical hair loss treatment with your dermaroller right off the bat, you can complete a free online telemedicine consultation for prescription hair loss treatments like topical Finasteride, topical Dutasteride, or Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost through Strut as well.

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