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Does Washing Your Hair Every Day Cause Hair Loss?

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Somewhere along the line, the myth developed that washing your hair every day is a very bad idea. And, some people even claim that a daily hair scrub can lead to hair loss.

But, is this idea of hair loss from overwashing actually true? As with most things, a balance needs to be found between washing too much and washing too little, and there are unique variables and personal differences that make each person’s perfect wash schedule unique.

Below, we will help dispel the hair loss from washing every day myth including what can happen if you overdo it a little, why not washing enough can cause problems of its own, and how to discover a hair washing regimen that fits your personal needs.

Does washing your hair every day cause hair loss?

While it is true that if you wash your hair too often, you may throw off the healthy scalp oil balance and cause either a bought of scalp and hair dryness or stimulation of scalp oil overproduction, it is unlikely that washing your hair every day can bring about hair loss all on its own.

In the above situation, you may notice your hair getting greasier every day stimulated by the overwashing, or you may have a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp, probably along with more dry and brittle hair. Technically, very brittle hair may be more prone to breakage and make your hair look less thick in that manner, but it is not actually hair loss from the root.

There may also be the scenario that you are washing your hair way too intensely with rough scrubbing, a lot of tangling, or using irritating or overly-stripping products. Always take extra care washing your hair with gentle scrubbing motions, and focus the attention on your scalp. Your hair is the most fragile while it is wet, so scratching with your nails roughly, or pulling and tangling may be making your hair a little worse for wear with each wash. Also, if a product feels irritating or overly drying, discontinue it and look for something that can clean and condition more gently.

However, for some people that have quite thin, fine, or naturally oily hair -- a daily wash schedule may work just fine for their needs and actually help provide a much-needed volume boost from the regular cleaning.

It is important to note that most cases of hair loss are genetic and caused by male pattern or female pattern hair loss, and it is also normal to lose around 100 hairs a day due to the natural hair growth cycle. So, it is possible that you are noticing these shed hairs for other reasons more when you wash, since you are getting in there and letting already detached or about-to-detach hairs fall. But, that does not mean that the washing itself caused the hair to fall out -- they were going to do that eventually whether you washed that day or not.

Styling your hair after washing too frequently

One thing to consider if you are a daily washer, is just how often you are heat styling and blow drying your hair. It is possible that you are noticing more dryness and breakage, not from the washing itself, but from the blowdrying, straightening, curling, etc. that you end up doing afterward.

To help balance this out, you may want to try to air dry your hair the majority of the time you wash, or at least try and alternate heat styling with air drying every other time. This way you can help relieve any excess dryness or breakage brought on by excessive styling -- even if you do want to keep up a daily wash schedule.

Why not washing often enough can cause hair concerns

You also do not want to be so worried about washing your hair too often that you skew too far in the opposite direction. Underwashing your hair can lead to oils, products, and dead skin cells building up on the scalp. This can potentially lead to inflammation, irritation, redness, or even bacterial and fungal infections. Ultimately, ongoing under-washing can reduce the overall health of your scalp, which could worsen any existing hair loss conditions.

Find a wash schedule that works for your hair

There is no one-size-fits-all wash regimen for every person. So, you need to try out a few different things and find the best wash schedule for your life and your type of hair and scalp oil production. 

In general, straight, fine, thin hair may get oily and feel dirty sooner, making a more frequent wash schedule better (maybe every day or every other day). On the other hand, those with very curly and dry hair may find that they can go longer in between washes, and once or twice a week seems to do the trick without overdrying. 

Your lifestyle may also come into play when figuring out your best hair-washing schedule. If you are into working out every day outside in a hot and humid environment, you are likely going to need more frequent washings than if you tend to stay indoors and will not be sweating on a regular basis.

Strike a balance between removing excess scalp oils and product build-up, without washing so often that your hair and scalp are dry and itchy.

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If you are experiencing hair loss, it is unlikely that your wash schedule is the cause. It is more likely that you are experiencing the most common form of hair loss in both men and women -- androgenetic alopecia (also known as male pattern and female pattern hair loss).

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