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Does Kratom Cause Hair Loss? What We Know So Far

Can the beverage Kratom cause increased hair loss? Learn more about what we know so for about hair loss and drinking Kratom.

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Hair loss can occur due to a number of reasons, whether it is excess stress, an autoimmune condition, or a hereditary predisposition toward losing your hair.

Some people also suspect that a beverage and supplement called kratom may also contribute to hair loss.

Below, we will cover just what kratom is, if we have any data on its ability to cause hair loss, review the potential reasons why hair loss could be happening while using kratom, and ways that you may be able to reduce your risk of hair loss if you do choose to continue using kratom.

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What is kratom?

Kratom is derived from a tree that is native to Asia, and the part that people consume is the leaves in beverage or capsule form.

This plant contains a chemical called mitragynine which works like an opioid. For this reason, there are many of the same potential concerns with kratom as other opiates.

Sometimes people will use kratom as a way to stop using other opiates or avoid withdrawal symptoms, but that does not mean it is without any downsides.

The FDA has issued a warning to avoid kratom products due to these safety concerns.

Can kratom cause hair loss?

There are no studies looking directly into the effects of kratom on your hair, so we cannot know for sure if anecdotes about hair loss with kratom use mean that there is in fact a connection.

But, there are multiple anecdotes about users that feel the hair loss from kratom is real.

One research article on kratom also notes that some users describe hair loss since using kratom, and suggests that this may have something to do with daily use of the substance.

So, it is unclear at this time if kratom does directly cause hair loss or can exacerbate genetic hair loss.

But, if hair loss is very concerning to you, it may be wise to avoid kratom just in case.

What are the possible reasons behind hair loss while using kratom?

Again, there is no current proof that kratom can cause hair loss. But, there are some hypotheses as to why hair loss might occur using this substance, if it is actually true.

  1. Increased immune response - Kratom is known to contain alkaloid chemicals which may be immunostimulants. While this may sound like a good thing, an overactive immune system can lead to increased inflammation or the immune system incorrectly attacking parts of your own body. In this case, it may be the hair follicles.

  1. Contaminated kratom - Sourcing kratom from untrustworthy sources may lead to you consuming other substances along with your tea or supplement. Some sources suggest that adulterated kratom may lead to negative effects with its use, including potentially hair loss.

  1. Hormonal changes - Kratom use may come along with hormonal changes which could possibly be detrimental to hair health. One case report found that a heavy kratom user developed low testosterone levels and high prolactin levels with use, which went back to normal after stopping the use of kratom.

How to reduce the risk of hair loss with kratom use?

If you are still determined to use kratom (we don’t recommend it for multiple reasons), but do not want to risk any potential negative hair effects, there may be a few steps you can take.

While we do not know yet if kratom can lead to hair loss, if it does, these tips may be able to help limit the damage.

Do not use large amounts of kratom or use it on a regular basis. If there is a connection between kratom and hair loss, it makes sense that using more of it may make the situation worse.

Carefully source your kratom from trusted cafes and suppliers. If the suspicion that contaminated kratom may be part of the hair loss problem is actually true, it would be wise to only buy kratom from suppliers that are trustworthy.

Buying kratom from online sources or a random gas station is normally not a good idea. This is also a good rule of thumb for any substance or supplement, of course. 

Stop using kratom if its use seems to correlate with increased hair loss.

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Kratom and hair loss: Bottom line

Kratom is a questionable substance for many reasons, and the FDA has warned the public against consuming it. 

There are not currently any studies confirming if kratom can exacerbate or cause hair loss, but there are anecdotal reports of hair loss when using kratom.

Without any data, we do not know for sure if there is a real connection here.

People have suggested that an increased immune response, contamination from bad sources, or hormonal changes may be the potential reasons behind negative hair effects, if this connection actually does end up being true. So far, we cannot confirm any of these.

We advise against kratom use for a variety of reasons.

But, if you are dead set on using this substance (and its use is legal in your area) there may be some steps you can take to limit negative effects such as choosing your sources carefully, not going overboard with your dose or frequency of use, and stopping if you see hair loss increasing.

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