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Do You Have to Wash Your Hair Every Day When Using Rogaine (Minoxidil)?

Do you really have to wash your hair every day when using rogaine? Read on to see how often you should wash your hair while using rogaine or minoxidil.

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If you’re using the common hair loss treatment rogaine or it's generic form minoxidil, you might be wondering if you have to wash your hair every day.

Some hair types can’t skip even one shampoo or else they’re a greasy mess. Other hair types, however, don’t require a daily wash.

But, when you’re using a topical hair treatment (sometimes twice a day), things are a little different.

Let’s consult with our on-staff pharmacist on how often you should wash your hair while using rogaine or minoxidil.

What is Rogaine (Minoxidil)?

Rogaine is a brand name of the active ingredient minoxidil.

These hair loss products often come in a liquid, cream, or foam and are used to treat hair loss by stimulating hair growth.

This popular topical hair loss treatment is the only over the counter hair loss medication that is approved by the FDA.

Rogaine, or any topical hair loss treatment containing only minoxidil, can be used by both men and women.

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Is a daily shampoo necessary while using Rogaine?

Dr. Barat, Strut Health’s on-staff compound pharmacist, says “It’s best to wash your hair every day when using an over-the-counter daily topical hair loss treatment as the product can irritate the skin if left to build-up on the scalp. Plus, when it comes to your application the next day, you will get better results if the scalp is clean and accessible.”

Leaving these ingredients on the skin, building up over many uses may cause irritant contact dermatitis.

Dermatitis is the dermatological word for skin irritation that results in possible burning, stinging, itchy, or red skin.

To avoid these adverse reactions to rogaine build-up, it’s best to wash your scalp every day.

Without doing this, the residue can build up and may cause scalp irritation.

While using this product, it’s best to take it off in the morning after applying or after at least 4 hours (depending on the product) with a gentle shampooing.

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How to use Rogaine (Minoxidil) for the best results

For the most accurate instructions, please consult the product’s specific directions or consult with a physician.

Topical hair loss treatments like Rogaine or minoxidil are generally applied once daily, to a dry, clean scalp. Remember to wash your hands after application.

Do not use a hairdryer after you’ve applied rogaine.

The best length of time to leave rogaine on is around 8 hours, but at least 4 hours.

A great rule of thumb is to use this product at night, and go to sleep with it on.

In the morning, wash it off and go about your day. It may take 2-4 months to begin seeing hair growth results.

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Do you have to wash your hair every day when using Rogaine?: Bottom line

  • While using rogaine, it’s best to wash your hair every day.
  • If you do not wash your hair daily while using rogaine, you might experience scalp burning, itching, redness, or irritant contact dermatitis. Avoid this and shampoo daily.
  • Rogaine is best applied to a clean, dry scalp.

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