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Do You Dream About Hair Loss? Why This Might Be Happening

Dreams about hair loss could mean many things, maybe even your subconscious worries about hair thinning. Learn what hair loss dreams could represent here.

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Dreams can be subconscious manifestations of your deep thoughts and feelings about your life – or, sometimes, they can be pretty literal.

Dreams about your hair falling out are very common. These dreams may represent something non-hair related happening in your life and your hair is just the symbol for those things, or it may actually mean that you have noticed or are concerned about hair loss.

Below, we will give you a few examples of what dreams about hair loss might actually represent about your conscious or subconscious thoughts, how hair loss dreams may actually be concerns about hair, and what you can do to help address your hair loss dreams.

What dreams about hair loss might symbolize

Just because your dream is about hair loss or balding, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are losing your hair or even worried about the thought of that.

For many people, hair is an important part of identity, feeling attractive, and even evokes thoughts of health and youthfulness.

So, it may not be so much as you are dreaming about hair because of your hair specifically, but because of what hair symbolizes or means to you.

Some people who try and decipher the true meanings of dreams think that dreams about losing your hair may actually mean that:

  • You feel lacking in security or safety
  • You feel like you have lost control over your life or identity
  • You feel regret or shame
  • You feel like you have lost something that you need to get back
  • You fear getting older
  • You have been feeling less attractive recently
  • You are dealing with health problems, or worried about declines in health
  • You feel like you need to take better care of yourself physically
  • You have gone through a major change in your life
  • You are under a lot of stress recently

Obviously, some of the explanations are quite general or vague. If you have dreams about losing your hair regularly, think closely about what is going on in your life or what you have been dwelling on recently to try and figure out what they might mean.

Dreams about hair loss may represent your actual hair concerns

On the other hand, it is very possible that dreams about hair loss are pretty literal and actually are a representation of how you are feeling about the current state of your hair.

Maybe you have just noticed some new thinning or a bald spot, and you are wondering what you can do about it, or how far it might progress. With how important hair is to many people’s self-confidence and identity, it is not unusual to be worried when you notice signs of hair loss. This worry may be spilling over into your dreams, making you dream of rapid or extreme hair loss.

What can you do about hair loss dreams?

If you are not actually dealing with hair loss concerns, it is possible that your hair loss dreams are signs of other things going on in your life, or worries that you are having. Read through the list of potential underlying reasons why your subconscious is concocting these hair loss dreams to try and work through the root of the issue.

If you are actually having hair loss issues and you think the dreams are pretty literal, you may be able to stop having the dreams by either mentally accepting and being ok with the new look of your hair, or by putting together a treatment plan to address the hair loss issue. Sometimes sharing your hair loss issue with your doctor and coming up with a plan to help may reduce the stress of the hair loss and keep it out of your dreams.

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If stress about your hair loss has crept into your dreams, it may be a sign that it’s time to address it. Oftentimes, even if hair loss is genetic, starting treatment sooner rather than later can help preserve the hair you have and give you better long-term results.

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