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9 Ways To Help Thicken Hair for Men

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Whether you just have naturally fine, thin hair, or you have been noticing changes to your hair density from male pattern hair loss, there are ways to make your hair appear thicker and more dense.

Below, we cover 9 ways to help your hair maybe look a little fuller. These tips range from which hair products to use for a quick thickening fix, lifestyle changes to encourage the thickest hair you are capable of, or speaking with a doctor about prescription treatment options.

Pick and choose which tips you are the most comfortable with, or combine a few for a multi-faceted approach to making your hair appear thicker.

1. Try out hair thickening or texturizing sprays

Your choice of hair products can make a big difference in how your hair will look day-to-day.

If you have always been a wash-and-go kind of person, you may find a little of that thickening edge that you are looking for by using the right products.

Thickening or volumizing sprays are great for adding a boost to the roots to keep your hair from looking too flat. In general, the closer your hair lays to your scalp, the less hair appears to be there. Some of these sprays even expand the width of the hairs themselves until your next wash.

Hair is hair, so there aren’t really “thickening sprays for men”, aside from maybe the choice of scent. Pick up a general thickening, texturizing, or dry shampoo product with good reviews to see if a root boost can add a little thickness to your hair look.

2. Switch to mousse over a wax, gel, or pomade

If you already use products for hold and styling like a wax, gel, or pomade, you may not be doing yourself any favors as far as how thick your hair looks.

These products for hold tend to be heavy and slick, and may weigh down thinner areas of your hair.

Instead, opt for a mousse that can help provide hold as well as volume.

3. Opt for volumizing shampoos and conditioners

Your choice of shampoo and conditioner may also help make a difference in how thick your hair appears.

The main difference here is that shampoos and conditioners that are meant for deep conditioning, or dry and damaged hair may have a lot of heavy conditioning ingredients in them that can weigh down thinner hair. By choosing shampoos and conditioners that claim to help with volume instead, they are leaving out those heavy ingredients that can leave finer hair looking flat.

If you have longer hair, focusing the shampoo on the roots and the conditioner on the ends can also help.

4. Consider taking a hair supplement or revamping your diet

Making sure that your hair is growing in the thickest and healthiest it can starts with good nutrition.

A healthy balanced diet can ensure that your hair follicles have all the building blocks they need to function at the top of their game.
If you are currently dealing with male pattern hair loss, optimal nutrition alone won’t stop this genetic and hormone-related process, but it may help the hair that is still growing look and feel its best.

If you know that your diet is lacking, talk to a nutritionist about optimizing your meals, or you may want to consider a hair, skin, and nail multivitamin to help cover all of your bases. As usual, be sure to run any new supplements by your doctor before starting.

5. Try spray-on hair filling fibers

If your scalp is showing through more than you would like in certain areas, you may be able to help disguise the extent of the thinning a little with some spray-on hair filling fiber products in a pinch.

These products distribute colored fibers that attach to the present hair to hide any glaring scalp areas and make the hair appear a little more dense.

Hair filling fibers may not hold up upon close inspection, but if you want a little extra coverage for a special event, these might help out.

6. Switch up your hairstyling

How you are stying your hair may help it look less thin or prevent any damage to any already struggling areas.

If you have been relying on harsh dyes, bleach, or heat styling, you could be putting more stress on your hair and accumulating damage.

Avoid tugging or pulling on your hair when brushing it, and opt for wide-toothed combs over brushes that put more tension on the hair.

7. Ask your hairstylist about cuts that make hair look fuller

Your hairstylist will likely be able to help you out with choosing styles that can make your hair appear more full.

Ask then about options that may complement your face shape while staying within your comfort zone. More texturized or shorter cuts may be the way to go.

8. Cut out smoking

Smoking has been found to take a toll on your hair and can contribute to declining hair health or hair loss. 

And, while most hair loss in men is due to male pattern hair loss, smoking on top of that is definitely not helping the issue.

Try to stop or cut back on smoking in order to help your hair grow in as healthy and thick as possible.

9. Talk to a doctor about options

There are medication options for men who are dealing with hair loss or hair thinning.

The 2 FDA-approved medications for male pattern hair loss include Minoxidil (Rogaine) found over the counter, as well as Finasteride tablets which are prescription only.

Minoxidil help by enhancing hair growth, and Finasteride helps to reduce DHT in the scalp to reduce losses from male pattern hair loss.

A doctor will be able to assess the situation and see if medications to help slow thinning or enhance growth is a good fit for you. Many men may want to include these more long-term medication measures along with the other tips listed above for a thicker appearance of hair during treatment.

Strut Health hair loss medications prescribed online

Here at Strut, we carry evidence-based hair loss medications to help slow male pattern hair loss, and potentially encourage regrowth in some patients.

We utilize ingredients like Finasteride, Dutasteride, Minoxidil, Tretinoin, and Biotin to customize hair treatments to your needs and preferences. We offer gel, solution, and oral treatment options.

If you are interested in seeing if a Strut hair loss treatment is a good option for you, have a free online questionnaire and image-based consultation with our U.S. licensed doctors in 10-15 minutes today.

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