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6 Reasons Why Topical Hair Loss Treatments May Be a Better Option for You

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There is a wide range of hair loss treatment options out there, and it can be difficult identifying which one may be a better choice for you.

The world of men’s hair loss includes prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, pills you take by mouth, formulations you apply to your scalp, or even hair supplements -- so which one should you go with?

Read on to learn more about specifically what the differences are between an oral hair loss medication, and a topical or “applied to the scalp” hair loss medication to help you identify which one may be more up your alley.

1. You can treat only your scalp (not your whole body)

With a topical hair loss medication that is applied to your scalp once or twice a day, you are applying the medication exactly where you want it to work -- on your hair follicles.

When you take a medication by mouth, like with oral Finasteride, the medication will make its way to your scalp, but it will also make its way all the way throughout the rest of your body too.

This may not necessarily be a problem for some people, but for those who are very particular about trying to minimize the amount of medication that goes into their bodies, they may want to opt for a more local hair loss treatment that they can apply instead of swallow.

2. You may experience fewer side effects

In the case of Finasteride, which is a popular FDA-approved tablet for men’s hair loss, it functions by blocking the conversion of Testosterone into DHT. Since DHT can play a role in the miniaturization and eventual loss of hair on the scalp, blocking DHT in the scalp is a good idea for hair loss treatment.

But, when DHT is blocked all throughout the body, some men may experience increased side effects in the form of reduced libido or sexual issues.

In order to help avoid these potential sexual issues, but still get the hair retaining benefits of Finasteride, you can use a topical formulation that is only applied to the scalp, meaning that less of this medication will get throughout the rest of your body and reduce your risk of developing these side effects.

3. You may be able to use lower dosages

When you apply a medication to the area where it needs to work right off the bat, you may end up needing to use much lower dosages since you don’t need the medication to make it way all the way through your digestive system, pass through the liver, and take a tour of your body before getting to your hair follicles.

Since the goal is to get hair loss benefits while using the lowest amount of medication, this is a good thing.

4. You may dislike taking pills

This one may be more a personal preference, but there are men out there who may really not like taking capsules or tablets. Or, maybe you are just really bad at remembering to take tablets at about the same time each day, but you never skimp on your nightly routines.

In this case, a topical hair product that is applied to the scalp before you go to bed may be a better fit for you as it can be seamlessly integrated into your current nighttime routine.

5. You can find multiple ingredients inside one topical product

One of the most beneficial aspects of using a topical hair loss medication that has been put together from a compounding pharmacy is that there can be more than just one hair medication inside one product.

With oral hair loss medications or products that you can find over the counter, they will almost always only contain one hair loss ingredient. This combination option is great for the patient, since there are a few hair loss ingredients that work differently to reduce hair loss or improve hair growth, and some studies show that when ingredients like Finasteride and Minoxidil are used together, you may have even more benefits than using either alone.

Here at Strut Health, our Men’s Hair Loss Formula contains topical Minoxidil and Finasteride to help reduce hair losses while increasing more hair growth, along with Tretinoin to help the medication penetrate into the scalp better.

Our formula contains prescription-only ingredients so you will need to have a quick 10-15 minute free online consultation with our doctors to see if topical Strut Men’s Hair Formula is a good option for you.

If you are a good candidate for treatment, your formula can arrive discreetly at your front door with our free 2-day shipping.

6. The results may be just as good or better than oral medications

In the case of Finasteride oral vs Finasteride topical for hair loss, studies show that when men took a 1mg Finasteride tablet every day vs applying a 0.25% Finasteride gel every day, they had no significant difference in the treatments with regards to increased hair thickness, increased hair counts, and reduction of their bald spots.

Meaning, that you can get pretty much the same hair gains from either the oral Finasteride or the topical Finasteride treatments. And, when you combine this relatively equal benefit of the Finasteride with another ingredient like Minoxidil into the same application, you may have additional benefits by using the medications together.

One study found that men using Minoxidil and Finasteride together had more hair improvements than men who were only using one ingredient alone.


There are a lot of hair loss medications out there, so you and your doctor will need to decide on one that works the best for your hair and your lifestyle.

With topical hair loss medications, some may prefer the benefits of localized treatment, potentially fewer side effects, not having to swallow pills, or the ability to use multiple ingredients at once.

The bottom line is that there are many hair loss treatment options, and you should go with one that works with your personal preferences.

Start the conversation with your doctor in person or online at to get started on a hair loss treatment program that best suits you.

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