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6 Reasons Why Our Topical Dutasteride Formula Is So Great

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Here at Strut, we think our topical Dutasteride formula is really something special. But, we realize that people unfamiliar with this active ingredient may now know all the great features of our signature topical Dutasteride formula. 

For that reason, we thought it would be a good idea to list out why topical Dutasteride is pushing the envelope of available treatments for men’s hair loss, and why it may be an option to consider when looking into the best choice for you.

Below, we have listed out the top 6 features behind our topical Dutasteride formula.

1. Dutasteride is not commercially available in a topical form

Since Dutasteride for hair loss is considered an off-label use of this medication and can only be made by a compounding pharmacy, it can be difficult or near impossible (depending on your location) to find a source for Dutasteride in topical form.

Commercially, Dutasteride is only manufactured in capsule form, and it is approved for use as a prostate medication. So, if you are trying to find it in topical form to apply to your scalp, it can be much more difficult to locate.

Since topical Dutasteride is prescription only, obtaining it in a different formulation means that you would need to find a compounding pharmacy familiar with the formula and that has the raw ingredient on hand. Additionally, you would need a doctor familiar with the formula enough to write a prescription ordering it from your selected compounding pharmacy.

At Strut, our telemedicine doctors are familiar with writing for compounds, and we pair you with a compounding pharmacy all in one place. We help take the leg work and mystery out of compounded medications and easily pair you with the treatments you are looking for. You can browse our dutasteride offerings, here.

2. Dutasteride has been found to be a stronger DHT reducer than Finasteride

Both Finasteride and Dutasteride are in the same class of medications, 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors (5-AR inhibitors). And, both are thought to help with male pattern hair loss by blocking the enzyme which converts testosterone into DHT. DHT is the culprit behind hair follicle damage and loss with male pattern hair loss, so, lower levels mean a slower progression of the condition.

Where these two medications differ, is just how strongly they block these 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. It turns out, that Dutasteride blocks them much more strongly than Finasteride. One study reports that Dutasteride is about 3 times more potent at blocking type 2 5-alpha-reductase enzymes, and about 100 times more potent at blocking type 1 5-alpha reductase enzymes as compared to Finasteride.

3. Topical routes may help reduce systemic exposure and limit side effects

More studies need to be done to confirm that a topical application of Dutasteride does in fact mean that there are fewer systemic (whole-body) side effects as compared to taking it by mouth in capsule form. But, in general, most medications that are applied topically get into the rest of the body less extensively than a medication that is taken by mouth.

Some men do report side effects from using 5-AR inhibitors by mouth, some of which are sexual in nature and may include: decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and decreased ejaculate.

The hope is that topical applications of these medications have the potential to reduce the risks of these unwanted effects while still delivering adequate benefits to the scalp when applied directly. 

4. Strut topical Dutasteride is compounded and customizable

Our topical Dutasteride is a compounded medication. This means that it is being made up after your doctor’s order, specifically for you. This gives you and your doctor lots of choices when it comes to customizing your prescription to make it ideal for you. Whether you need a strength adjustment, you want to add or remove other medications, or you want to avoid potentially irritating ingredients like propylene glycol or alcohol, we have you covered.

5. Strut topical Dutasteride can be combined with other active ingredients for hair loss like Minoxidil

Sometimes it is discovered that combining medications from a few different classes for the same indication can help give patients a better overall outcome. 

This synergistic effect seems to be true of using a 5-AR medication along with Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine). These medications target different aspects of hair loss and growth, and end up giving additive results by addressing the issue from multiple angles.

6. You can order your prescription from the comfort of your home with free shipping

If topical Dutasteride is the route you want to take for your male pattern hair loss treatment, you don’t have to put in the time to schedule an in-person doctors visit, figure out if they are even familiar with this off-label treatment, get the prescription, find a compounding pharmacy, etc. At Strut Health, we have streamlined the consultation, pharmacy, and delivery process to make it simple for you. 

If you are interested in seeing if topical Dutasteride is a good treatment for you, simply select the medication you want and complete our free online questionnaire and image-based consultation in under 15 minutes. A doctor will review your information and goals and determine if this is an appropriate medication for you.

 If you are a good candidate for treatment, your medication will be shipped to your front door with our free shipping. If you have any questions during treatment or need adjustments on subsequent refills, our team and doctors are available for unlimited, free follow-ups.

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