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5 Ways To Get Faster Results From Finasteride Treatment

Are you doing everything you can to speed along your Finasteride hair results? Try out these 5 tips for optimal treatment results.

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Finasteride treatment is not a medication that gives you instant results. In fact, for most men using Finasteride, it may take 3-6 months before you start seeing differences in your hair.

This is normal for a hair loss medication, considering that hair grows slowly and changes will take a while to show up.

However, if you are extra anxious to see the results from treatment, you may be able to revamp your hair care routine in order to make sure you are giving everything the best head start possible.

Below, we will cover 5 ways that you can maximize your finasteride results, or give your follicles and scalp a little extra care in order to make sure they are the healthiest they can be for growth.

1. Using a dermaroller or microneedler

Dermarolling, or microneedling, is a treatment that uses devices with tiny needles on the end in order to make small puncture wounds in the scalp to increase blood flow, stimulate stem cells, and potentially accelerate hair growth.

One case series had men who were currently using Finasteride and Minoxidil for hair loss to introduce professional microneedling into their routine once a week. The researchers found that introducing microneedling accelerated the response and led to increased scalp density.

While this treatment may not be for everyone, the results can be promising for some and may help increase the penetration and effects of topically applied hair loss medications. It is best to have this procedure done professionally to make sure it is done correctly while reducing the chance of injury, but some take it upon themselves to microneedle their scalp at home.

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2. Including regular scalp massages

A scalp massage may seem almost too simple to have any significant effects. But, when you consider the importance of blood flow and follicle stimulation to healthy hair growth, this makes much more sense.

One study had 9 men massage their scalp with a device for 4 minutes each day over the course of 24 weeks. After the end of the trial period, their scalp was analyzed for hair number, hair thickness, and overall growth rates. After 24 weeks, hair thickness was increased, hair loss-related gene expression was decreased, and good hair cycle-related gene expression was increased.

Considering the ease of adding in a 4-minute scalp massage to your hair loss routine, this one is the easiest and most pleasant regimen upgrade for hair loss.

3. Combining it with other hair loss ingredients

Finasteride works great for most men with hair loss, but, it turns out that combining Finasteride with topical Minoxidil treatment may enhance the results more than the use of either agent alone.

In one study, men were randomly assigned to use oral Finasteride, topical Minoxidil, or both medications together. At the end of the 12-month trial, the men were evaluated for hair improvements. 80.5% of the Finasteride only group showed improvement, 59% of the Minoxidil only group showed improvement, and 94.1% of the Finasteride + Minoxidil group showed improvement.

So, if you are treating your hair loss with oral or topical Finasteride alone, the addition of topical Minoxidil may help you improve your overall results. Talk to your doctor about including this in your regimen, or have a free online consultation with our doctors at Strut Health about trying our combination Finasteride and Minoxidil topical formula.

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4. Making sure your nutrient intake is adequate

Hair loss medications can help reduce your hair losses, or help improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles for optimal healthy growth.

However, if your diet is lacking in the basic building blocks for healthy hair like enough protein, vitamin D, iron, and zinc, you may struggle to achieve the best results.

Eat a diet rich in nutrients, and make sure your levels of vitamin D and iron are not below average. Low levels of vitamin D and iron have been linked to increases in hair loss or slowed growth, so making sure that your levels are stacking up is important for the best hair results during treatment. 

Plan out a healthy diet or supplement with vitamins as needed to give your follicles everything they need to grow healthy strands while you are using Finasteride or other hair loss treatments.

5. Being consistent with your medication

As with most medications, consistency is key. Making sure that you are taking or applying your medication as prescribed, at about the same time will help ensure that your DHT levels are kept low in your scalp when using Finasteride. 

Skipping doses, missing refills, or having an erratic use schedule, may make it that your results don’t turn out the way you expected.

Set a time on your watch or phone, and make proper dosing a priority to help you see results as soon as possible.

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