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Why a Topical Finasteride Gel Is So Awesome!

With Strut's Topical Finasteride Gel we have the ability to combine the most popular hair loss medications together, leading to better hair loss results.

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Finasteride tablets and Minoxidil (active ingredient in Rogaine) creams and gels are the only two FDA approved medications to treat male pattern baldness.

Both of these medications work to help reduce male hair loss and potentially help with regrowth, but why isn’t Finasteride available in an easy cream or gel application to the scalp like Minoxidil?

Here at Strut, we had the same question, so we utilized our compounding pharmacy skills to develop a prescription topical hair loss formula for men that combines both of the FDA approved male pattern hair loss ingredients into one, easy, once-daily gel.

And, it turns out that applying your Finasteride can have many benefits over taking it as a tablet.

Read on to learn why our Finasteride gel is pretty cool, and why it may be the better option for some men.

1. Potentially help reduce full body side effects compared to Finasteride tablets

Finasteride is a great medication for androgenic alopecia, and it has shown its ability to help slow down the rate of hair loss and maintain the current hair that you have.

It works by helping to block DHT in the scalp, a testosterone hormone derivative that contributes to the shrinkage and eventual loss of hair follicles.

However, for some men, they shy away from or stop treatment due to the potential for side effects including decreased ejaculate, sexual disorder, testicular pain, and the risk of male infertility.

The reason for the development of these symptoms is partially due to the way Finasteride is normally used -- in tablet form.

The Finasteride from the tablet is absorbed into the body and goes throughout the entire body, not just straight to the scalp.

This tour of the body gives the medication the ability to not just interact with DHT hanging around the hair follicles, but it can then interfere with the DHT in the testicles and prostate area, throwing things out of whack.

With topical application, more of the Finasteride stays put where you want it, and much of the whole body side effects are avoided or lessened.

2. Once-daily application at night

If you are one of those people that hate having to take tablets or capsules on a regular basis, or constantly forget if you took your dose that day or not -- tablet medications that work best when taken daily may not be the best choice for you.

With Finasteride gel hair loss medications, you can work your application into your nightly routine just before bed, leave the product on overnight, and then wash off with your shower in the morning.

You will never wonder if you applied your gel or not, because, well, you can just reach up into your hair and check it out.

Finasteride gel works well with a once-daily application, generally at night-time, so that you can apply it and then just sleep with it on your scalp.

3. Avoid taking pills

Finasteride gel is great news for the pill avoiders of the world.

Whether it is an aversion to swallowing pills, or just hating to have to remember to take them regularly, gels can be much easier.

Just apply the Finasteride gel at night before bed, then get some sleep and wash it off in the morning.

Hair maintenance with no pills involved.

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4. Extra hair-boosting ingredients mixed in for better results

You wouldn’t cook using only one ingredient, because, for instance, you know that tomatoes plus basil tastes amazing when used together, but a little one-note alone.

Sometimes the same goes for hair loss treatments.

Some medications can help each other out, and make it that the results of both combined can be stronger than taking either medication separately.

This is true of topical formulations containing both Finasteride and Minoxidil, as studies have shown greater hair improvement with both medications used together as compared to solo Minoxidil.

With a compounded formula like Strut’s Topical Finasteride Gel, we have the ability to easily have both of the most popular hair loss medications mixed together, leading to potentially better hair results for our patients.

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5. Applying your Finasteride may be just as good as taking it in tablet form

You might be wondering if applying Finasteride to your scalp is still going to help reduce your hair losses just as well as if you took the pill.

Researchers have wondered that same thing, so studies have been done comparing topical vs oral Finasteride.

It turns out that applying Finasteride is non-inferior to Finasteride tablets when it comes to androgenic alopecia treatment, meaning that topical Finasteride is at least as good as the tablets (while still helping you sidestep potential side effects).

Conclusion of Topical Finasteride Gel

There are lots of preferences when it comes to medications, one of them being a preference for oral or applied medications.

Not every medication can still deliver the same treatment benefits in both forms, but with Finasteride, this seems to be the case.

The best benefit of applying your Finasteride medication is the potential for reducing potential side effects, some of which may be sexual in nature and of particular concern for men.

One of the most reputable finasteride review sites,, reviewed our finasteride offerings.

They also seem to agree that they are pretty awesome with their 4.7/5 star thorough assessment of our hair loss medications. You can check out their full thoughts on our hair loss products in the extensive review, here.

If you are ready to look into Strut Health treatment options for your male pattern hair loss, have a free questionnaire and image-based online consultation with our U.S. licensed doctors today to see if either our Finasteride tablets or our combination Topical Finasteride Gel are good options for you.

If you are a good fit for treatment, your medication will be made up at a U.S. compounding pharmacy and shipped to your front door with our free shipping.

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