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10 At-Home Haircut Tips for Men

Need a haircut? Read on for 10 tips to trimming your hair to help you have a halfway decent haircut while staying at home.

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The widespread quarantine is currently leading a lot of guys to look into delving into the world of DIY at-home haircuts.

And, while you will likely have much better results if you hold out for a professional, if your unruly strands are driving you crazy, we can try and at least give you some pointers.

Read on for 10 tips to trimming your hair to help you have a halfway decent haircut while staying at home.

1. Clippers are the easiest way to go

For the novice at-home trimmer, you will probably want to start out with using hair clippers with a guard set to a specific length over attempting a fancy comb and scissors cut.

While some hairdressers make it look easy, most stylists have to study for 2-3 years to get to the level of cutting your hair professionally.

2. One length is your best bet

Even if you normally have different lengths on the sides of your cut than the top, this may not be the time to attempt different lengths.

Even just having a cut that is shorter on the sides can take a surprising about of skill, so opting for a one-length cut to start with is the best option for a self-trim.

3. Start with freshly washed dry hair

Freshly washed and dried hair will help you see the length more accurately and avoid gunking up your tools with leftover hair products.

Give your locks a quick wash and allow to fully dry before making the cut.

4. The back is going to be the trickiest

You probably already knew this part, since you can’t see the back of your head without a mirror.

And, even with a mirror, you are going to be dealing with some reverse action to understand what you are doing back there.

Take extra care with the back of your head to ensure nothing turns out looking funky back there.

5. Use two mirrors so you can see the back

This goes along with #4, but using a handheld mirror along with a wall-mounted mirror in front of you is a must for even making sure the back looks halfway decent.

Choose a shatter-proof handheld mirror to make sure there are no clumsy broken mirror moments mid-cut.

6. Don’t use dull scissors or clippers

Just because scissors or clippers can cut doesn’t mean it will work well for your hair.

Professional hair cutting shears are super sharp for a reason, and using dull instruments can lead to pulling out hairs, an uneven cut, or ragged split ends.

You can normally pick up some basic clippers or hair trimming scissors at a beauty supply store for under $30-$50.

7. Get someone to help if you can

Not everyone will have this option at the moment, but if you do have a helpful household member who is up for helping you out with a trim, having someone else trim the back (or the whole thing) will take a lot of the hassle out of the at-home cut.

8. Put down the beard trimmer

Just because a beard trimmer works on your facial hairs, doesn’t mean it can also work on your head.

Beard hairs tend to be a lot thicker, courser, and scraggly than the hairs on your head, and the beard clippers are normally much less gentle or exact than those meant for your head.

Make sure you are using clippers that are meant for cutting the hair on your head to avoid a ragged cut.

9. Trim incrementally

You can always go over the cut again to take it down a little further, but if you are going to need to wait for it to grow back.

Start 1 or 2 numbers longer than what you think you are aiming for to give yourself some room for error and tidying up.

10. Start with the sides

You may be super bored right now and just want to start the cut by lawnmowing the clippers right down the center of your head for a funny photo op - but that may not give you the best cut.

Start slowly with the sides and work your way up to the top to better keep an eye on how the cut is turning out.

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