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Why Our Melasma Treatment Cream Evens Out Your Skin

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Melasma treatment can be tricky.

And with so many Melasma medications available, finding the one that works for your skin is not always easy.

Studies suggest that first-line therapy for Melasma treatment should consist of combination creams for a better therapeutic effect.

We like the combination approach too, so our physician and pharmacist formulated Melasma Formula mixes 4 evidence-based melasma agents to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

In this article, we will give you a peek into why the 4 agents used in our Melasma Formula work together to help power down your Melasma symptoms.

Hydrocortisone to keep things calm

Hydrocortisone is a mild topical steroid that is commonly used in a variety of skin conditions.

And we add Hydrocortisone to our Melasma formula for a few reasons:

Hydrocortisone will help slightly lighten dark marks, in addition to aiding in keeping skin calm and preventing contact dermatitis when applying other agents that may be irritating.

Hydroquinone to lighten it up

Hydroquinone is a topical lightening agent that can be found in weaker strengths over the counter, or stronger strengths with a prescription.

For this chemical, we always recommend using under a doctor’s care to help avoid unwanted side effects including leaving the skin too de-pigmented in some spots.

Hydroquinone works for Melasma by blocking melanin production, the pigment responsible for the dark patches associated with Melasma.

Kojic Acid to protect and brighten

Kojic acid is a chemical naturally produced by a mold, the same mold needed to produce sake and soy sauce.

It was discovered that this compound is a lightening agent, antioxidant, and antiinflammatory.

This means that Kojic Acid helps protect sensitive skin from some of the irritating effects from the harsher Melasma Formula agents.

Kojic acid also works by blocking the production of melanin, in a similar manner as Hydroquinone.

And, while Kojic Acid and  Hydroquinone appear to be doing similar things for Melasma, one study showed an increased Melasma reduction by using the two together.

Tretinoin to start fresh

Tretinoin was initially used in Melasma formulations to help enhance the penetration of Hydroquinone.

But Tretinoin was later found to have a few of its own anti-melasma tricks up its sleeve.

In addition to helping Melasma agents access deeper levels of the skin, Tretinoin enhances the rapid loss of Melasma pigment by quickly turning over older skin cells on the surface.

In this way, Tretinoin helps lay down fresh layers of skin cells that have a lighter pigment more inline with the natural pigmentation of your skin.

Where can you find our compounded Melasma Formula?

Our Melasma Formula has a curated combination of prescription and non-prescription ingredients, so this means that you will need a prescription for this cream.

But we make it easy for you.

In order to make sure our Melasma Formula is a good fit for you, we can conduct an Online Visit with one of our U.S. licensed doctors.

If you are a good candidate for treatment with Melasma Formula, we can quickly and discreetly ship straight to your front door.

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