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Where To Inject Semaglutide Medications

Learn about the 3 most recommended injection sites for Semaglutide medications.

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Semaglutide medications like Wegovy, Ozempic, or compounded versions with the active ingredient Semaglutide are usually administered via injection just under the skin.

This is a subcutaneous injection into fat tissue to help the medication slowly release into your body throughout the week. Note that these medications are not meant to be injected into muscle tissue, or into veins – be sure to inject into areas with plenty of fatty tissue.

With this in mind, you might still wonder what the best areas are to inject Semaglutide medications. Below, we will outline the recommended injection areas for Semaglutide medications, as well as a few details for optimal injections.

What are the 3 best areas to inject Semaglutide medications?

All the Semaglutide injectable medications mention the same areas for injection sites.

Semaglutide injection sites:

Stomach/abdomen area:

  • Choose an area where you can feel fatty tissue underneath the skin.
  • Avoid injecting within 2 inches of your belly button.
  • This can also be thought of as 4 sites – to the left above your belly button, to the right above your belly button, to the left below your belly button, or to the right below your belly button.

Upper arms:

  • Choose an area where you can feel fatty tissue underneath the skin.
  • Avoid muscles that are bulging out like your biceps, or bony areas like shoulders.
  • This can be thought of as 2 sites – your left arm and your right arm.

Upper thighs

  • The top of your thighs are also an injection option if there is enough fat tissue there.
  • If you have pretty muscle-dense legs without much fat tissue, this may not be a good site for you.
  • This can be thought of as 2 sites – your left thigh and your right thigh.

Why you should avoid injecting too close to your belly button

There are a few reasons why you want to avoid a radius of 2 inches from your navel. 

From birth, the tissue directly surrounding

 the navel is denser, and may have some level of scar tissue. This tissue may not release medications injected into it in the same way as fat tissue further from the navel.

Also, the belly button area is more packed with ligaments, nerves, and vessels than other areas on the central abdomen. It is best to avoid these things when trying to administer a subcutaneous injection into fat.

Why rotating injection sites is important

Rotating your injection sites each week can help the previously injected areas heal and give them time to rest and reset. This may help keep your injections more comfortable and avoid overly irritating one specific spot.

Also, injecting medications can cause some level of scar tissue to develop. Over time, if you are using one area exclusively, this scar tissue may cause the medication to be released in your body differently than in areas without scar tissue development.

Keep a journal or note of your injection sites week by week to help keep track of which areas to rotate to. 

Keep in mind that there are quite a few areas. For instance, maybe you prefer injecting into your upper arms and thighs. This can be 4 rotation sites by injecting in the following pattern: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. In this case, you will be giving each site a month of recovery time before the next injection in that area.

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