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What Is The Dutasteride Dosage For Hair Loss?

Dutasteride is sometimes used off-label for hair loss treatment in men. Learn more about the most common Dutasteride dosage for hair loss.

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Dutasteride (brand name Avodart) is a prescription medication that is FDA approved for the treatment of an enlarged prostate, but, many doctors prescribe this medication off-label for another indication -- male pattern hair loss.

This medication is in the same 5-alpha reductase inhibitor drug class as Finasteride, which is the only tablet currently approved for male pattern baldness treatment, although Dutasteride may be stronger and lasts longer in the body.

We know all about the correct dosage of Dutasteride to use for an enlarged prostate, but what about hair loss? Is it the same, or does the dosage change for hair loss treatment?

Below, we will cover what we know about Dutasteride dosages for hair loss, and help you learn what strengths and dosage regimens a doctor may choose when using this medication off-label for its hair benefits.

What strengths does Dutasteride come in?

Dutasteride is currently only manufactured in one strength of capsule.

You can find a generic 0.5mg Dutasteride capsule, or you can find Dusteride 0.5mg capsules under the brand name Avodart.

Either way, 0.5mg capsules are the only strength you will find at your regular pharmacy.

This is a lower mg-to-mg strength than what Finasteride tablets contain (1mg for hair loss (Propecia), or 5mg for prostate enlargement (Proscar)), and this makes sense because Dutasteride is a stronger 5-alpha reductase inhibitor.

Aside from this manufactured capsule, you can sometimes find compounding pharmacies that can make up Dutasteride capsules, or topical solutions, creams, or gels in different strengths or formulations according to your prescription.

Strut Health carries Dutasteride in oral or topical forms. Our capsules generally come in the 0.6mg strength, and our topical formulation can be compounded with up to 1mg of Dutasteride per gram. You can have a free online 10-15 minute questionnaire-based appointment with our doctors today to see if Dutasteride is a good choice for you.

How is Dutasteride usually prescribed for an enlarged prostate?

When you are using Dutasteride for an enlarged prostate, the doctor will normally prescribe the 0.5mg capsule to be taken once every day.

This may be a singular treatment consisting of just the Dutasteride, or sometimes the Dutasteride 0.5mg capsule will also be paired with another prostate medication, Tamsulosin.

How is Dutasteride usually prescribed for hair loss off-label?

Dutasteride is normally prescribed off-label for hair loss in a dosage of one 0.5mg capsule taken once daily.

In head-to-head studies against Finasteride, Dutasteride 0.5mg once daily was shown to have a better increase in total hair count and more decreases in thin hair count after 24 weeks as compared to the Finasteride 1mg once daily group.

However, since this is an off-label indication, we do not have many studies that will help doctors conclusively determine the best dose and schedule of Dutasteride to use for the best hair benefits.

So, more studies need to be done on the subject.

Until then, your doctor may go with the 0.5mg once daily dose, or may try something else including only taking Dutasteride a few times a week, asking you to split the tablet, or getting a different strength compounded.

Always listen to your doctor’s instructions

Your doctor always knows your particular presentation, medical history, and goals, so take your medication exactly as prescribed on your medication label.

If you have questions about your Dutasteride dosage, speak with your doctor, and do not change your dose or schedule without approval from your doctor.

Where to find Dutasteride for hair loss

If you are interested in seeing if Dutasteride off-label for hair loss is a good option for you, start with talking to your doctor.

Some doctors may already be aware of the potential off-label usage, or they may rather start with Finasteride or Minoxidil for hair loss.

Either way, starting the conversation is the first step.

Here at Strut Health, our doctors are familiar with Dutasteride oral and topical formulations for men. You can have a free online questionnaire and picture-based consultation to see if Dutasteride is a good fit for you.

If you are a good candidate for treatment, your Dutasteride medication can be shipped to your front door with our free 2-day shipping.

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