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What Is Liposomal Finasteride for Hair Loss?

Can a liposomal topical Finasteride formulation help improve Finasteride delivery? What we know so far about topical liposomal Finasteride.

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What is a liposomal formulation?

A liposomal formulation is one where the drug is suspended inside of small fat-like particles called liposomes. For some medications, this can increase the absorption, penetration, and delivery of the drug contained inside.

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Why are some people looking for liposomal formulations of finasteride?

The goal for delivery of topical Finasteride is to get the medication into the dermis of the skin in order to reach the hair follicles. But, you also don’t want to enhance the penetration so much that the topical formulation is acting similarly to the oral formulation.

Some studies have shown that using a liposomal formulation of Finasteride can help deposit Finasteride into the skin 5 times more than a solution or a conventional gel. These studies have lead people to look for or ask for liposomal Finasteride formulations.

However, what we do not know yet is if an increased medication delivery with liposomal formulations leads to better hair results than a general gel or solution formulation, given that Finasteride is already a lipophilic chemical by nature.

It is possible that a topical Finasteride gel or solution may provide adequate amounts to the follicles to maximize hair benefits already, and more studies need to be done on the best vehicles for topical Finasteride. We also do not know if other penetration enhancers may be just as good as liposomes for Finasteride delivery, if enhanced penetration does end up equaling better results.

Does a liposomal formulation help with finasteride delivery?

Liposomal formulations of Finasteride do appear to have enhanced deposition into the dermis of the skin. But, we don’t know yet if that enhanced deposition leads to better hair results over gel or solution formulations, and more studies need to be done.

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Can other topical formulations of Finasteride work too?

A 2019 review of 7 topical finasteride studies looked into experiments where men used either topical finasteride gels or solutions or varying strengths.

The review concluded that in all 7 of these trials, the topical finasteride gels and solutions all resulted in improved hair growth for the participants. So, according to these studies, it seems that topical finasteride formulations can be effective in non-liposomal formulations.

Whether these gel or solution formulations and liposomal Finasteride formulas are equally effective in terms of hair maintenance and regrowth remains to be determined.

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Strut Finasteride topical formulations prescribed online

Here at Strut Health, we carry non-liposomal gel and solution formulations of topical Finasteride. We also include penetration enhancers in our formulations to help deposit the medication into the scalp.

To help enhance your hair improvement potential, your doctor can combine multiple active ingredients with topical Finasteride like Minoxidil for hair regrowth or Tretinoin to enhance scalp penetration. We also carry Dutasteride in off-label oral and topical formulations.

Have a free online questionnaire and image-based consultation to see if a topical Finasteride formulation may be a good fit for you.

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