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The Ludwig Scale for Female Pattern Hair Loss: Measuring Hair Loss in Women

Female pattern hair loss extent can be measured by the Ludwig Scale. Learn more about this scale and figure out how far your hair loss has progressed.

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If you are a woman who is experiencing female pattern hair loss and you go to a doctor for treatment, it is likely that your hair specialist or Trichologist is going to assess the situation using the Ludwig Scale.

This assessment tool can help you and your doctor gauge just how far your hair loss has progressed to help decide the right treatment course for you.

Below, we will cover the basics of the Ludwig Scale, including the three stages and descriptions of how to identify which stage you may be dealing with.

What is the Ludwig scale for female pattern hair loss?

The Ludwig Scale was developed by Dr. Erich Ludwig in 1977 as a way to describe and identify the progression of female pattern hair loss. Dr. Ludwig observed 468 women who were dealing with hair loss and tried to classify them into 1 of 3 stages in order to develop the scale.

Currently, the Ludwig Scale is one of the 2 most popular ways to classify female pattern hair loss, along with the Savin Scale which is very similar but also takes into account overall hair thinning. The Savin Scale includes 8 stages as well as one subcategory which includes frontal hair loss. Frontal hair loss is rarer in women than men, but can sometimes be seen.

What are the 3 stages of the Ludwig scale?

Ludwig Scale Stage 1: This stage of female pattern hair loss may be mild and only be noticeable to the patient, and not yet to others. There may be thinning at the crown or at the top of the head. The part in the hair may begin to slightly widen, and this may be the first sign noticed. Sometimes this stage goes unnoticed since the frontal hairline stays the same.

Ludwig Scale Stage 2: This stage may be more moderate, and may start becoming noticeable to both the patient and others. There may now significant hair loss at the crown and top of the head, and the scalp may begin showing through due to the thinning of the hair. The part is likely to be further widened at this stage, the hair may feel thinner, it may style differently than before, and women may notice an increase in shedding.

Ludwig Scale Stage 3: This is the most severe and most noticeable stage of the Ludwig scale. There may now be significantly less hair on the top and crown of the head. So much hair may have been lost that the scalp is easily seen and no longer concealed by hair.

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