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The Best Skincare Routine Order For Morning & Night

Figuring out a routine can seem overwhelming. In this article learn how you can plan out the best skincare routine order for better looking skin!

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There are a lot of skincare products on the market, and if you are trying to build your daily or nightly skincare routine, it can be confusing knowing what products to use, and in what order to use them.

Do you tone after exfoliating? When should you apply the vitamin C serum? Do you treat that pimple after you moisturize? Where exactly does a “mist” come in? And, does the order really matter??

Well, yes, since contact with your skin is key for proper absorption of some of these steps, and locking everything in place with certain products can lock out anything applied after them, it really is important.

Figuring out a routine can seem overwhelming, but, once you have some of the basic ideas down, and a framework, you can be applying those treatments confidently like the sophisticated skincare maven you are.

Key Skincare Routine Basics

Not every product will have a hard and fast rule as to when you should apply, and not everything will be used every night.The basics here to use as a framework are:

  1. Listen to your skin: If your skin is feeling irritated that day, exfoliate some other night, and go for a calming mask or treatment. If your skin is looking dull, opt for a gentle exfoliation and a brightening vitamin C serum. Your routine should adapt to what your skin needs that day.
  2. Some things are non-negotiable: Seeing all the steps listed below may seem overwhelming, but keep in mind that not all the fancy extras need to be done every day and night, barring a few essentials. The basics can be boiled down to cleansing and moisturizing, plus sunscreen during the day. Even if you want a bare-bones plan, these are an everyday must.
  3. Thinner to thicker: If you just can’t remember if serums are step 4 or step 5, or that new product you just picked up is kind of a mix of a treatment and a moisturizer, just apply products from thinnest to thickest and you are probably mostly right. The thicker products help seal everything in, so they need to be used towards the end to avoid blocking out your thinner skincare products.

Morning skincare routine order

Your morning skincare routine is meant to clear away any sweat and grime from the night, while prepping your skin for exposure to the UV light, arming it with plenty of antioxidants, locking in moisture, and making a clean canvas for any makeup application.

  1. Gentle cleanser

Choose a gentle cleanser to remove sweat, grime, and saliva that may have gotten on your skin during the night. Or, if you are a one wash a day kind of a person, at least give your face a splash with lukewarm water.

  1. Toner

Toner will help you remove any excess oil, dirt, or dead skin cells to make your skin a clean slate. Avoid alcohol-based toners, and choose something based on your skin type, maybe a toner for acne-prone skin, or a hydrating toner for dry skin.

  1. Serums

Your skin is probably at its cleanest and most penetrable state right now, so this is prime time to apply your concentrated serums to ensure that your skin will really get the best results. Go with antioxidant-packed serums like vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea extract, B vitamins -- you get the picture. Getting these into your skin in the morning will make sure you have plenty of antioxidants to avoid the most everyday environmental damages. Let these soak in for a few minutes if you can.

  1. Spot treatments

Now is the best time to use any spot treatments you need for acne, etc. Just apply a dab to the affected area(s) and give it a few minutes to soak in. By applying these before your heavier moisturizer, you can make sure that it is able to get through to treat the issues.

  1. Eye cream

The skin surrounding your eyes is some of the most delicate skin on your body, so it may need a lighter moisturizer than the rest of your face. Gently pat on your daily eye cream before moving on to the heavier stuff.

  1. Moisturizer

You are almost to the skincare routine finish line (for the morning), now all you need to do is seal everything in and make sure you have plenty of moisture for the day ahead. Grab a daily moisturizer and apply all over your face, avoiding any spot treatment locations at the moment to avoid smearing those away. After your whole face is moisturized, you can go back and lightly dab on moisturizer over the spot treatment areas to seal those in too.

  1. Sunscreen

Of course, no beauty routine is complete without sun protection. The last step of your morning routine should be to apply at least 30 SPF sunscreen to stave off fine lines, age spots, and overall signs of aging.

Night skincare routine order

For your nightly skincare routine, your goals are shifting from protecting your skin, to cleaning off everything from the day, sealing in moisture while you sleep, and giving your skin building blocks for repair and regeneration.

  1. Makeup remover

If you wear makeup, it is a good idea to start with a makeup remover before cleansing. And, no, they are not the same thing. A micellar water, oil cleanser, or makeup removing solution is formulated to clear any stubborn makeup leftovers so they don’t wind up in your pores down the road.

  1. Gentle cleanser

After removing all makeup, you can clean with a gentle cleanser.

  1. Toner

Toner will help get those last bits of dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells to start your night off fresh.

  1. Exfoliator

Exfoliation should be done once everything is cleaned off and prepped, and can help give you a deep sloughing off dead skin layers, rough spots, and leave you with a brighter and more even complexion. Chemical or mechanical exfoliation should be done no more than 1-2 times a week, and avoid doing these on days that your skin is already irritated or sensitive.

  1. Serums, essences, and treatments

Just as with the day routine, this is your clearest spot to get those powerful serums into your skin. You can opt for vitamin-dense serums here again, but you may want to shift gears to thoroughly hydrating hyaluronic acid serums for the evening. If you are into the occasional sheet mask, this is the best place for those as they are basically serum-infused sheets. This is also a good time to use retinoids or any medicated creams or treatments, like those for rosacea, melasma, acne, or scars. Try to give these heavy-lifters a few minutes to soak in before finishing everything off with moisturizer.

  1. Night moisturizer

Now that you are cleaned, exfoliated (maybe), and treated, you need to moisturize and seal everything in. Depending on your skin, you may be fine with using the same lighter-weight moisturizer from the day, but if you have dry skin, or need some serious care, a heavier night moisturizer may be your best option.

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Now that you know exactly what to do, and what order to do it in, you are on your way to confidently building your personal skincare routine.

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