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The Best Anti-Redness Cream: A Rosacea Game Changer

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If you’ve ever felt like you’d try just about anything to get stop persistent rosacea redness -- you’re not alone. Rosacea affects 15 million people every year, causing chronic skin redness, inflammation, pustules, and plaques. There are countless anti-redness creams on the market, but very few of them target the main cause of persistent rosacea flushing. 

Rosacea flushing, blushing and redness is caused by different factors than other skin conditions. This is why a specifically formulated anti-redness cream can make a huge impact on rosacea symptoms. 

In this article, we get into why our anti-redness cream is a game-changer for those with rosacea. 

Why does rosacea cause redness?

The cause of rosacea is not yet understood. Rosacea is genetic and most common among women with fair skin, who are over the age of thirty. 

Studies show those with rosacea have "abnormalities of the blood vessels and the immune system" causing the blood vessels to widen too easily. When this blood vessel dilation occurs, more blood can flow under the skin, causing red patches and flushing.

While many things can trigger this dilation (like diet, histamines, heat, and sun exposure) the main cause of the redness, is blood vessel dilation

In addition, rosacea redness is also linked to an abnormal inflammatory response and a profoundly compromised skin barrier.

Topical vasoconstrictor cream for rosacea redness

Okay, now we’re getting to the good stuff. 

If we know rosacea redness is caused by blood vessel widening that’s triggered by an abnormal inflammatory response -- what’s the fix?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for rosacea. But, there are few ways to get around the symptoms of this genetic condition.

If easily widened facial blood vessels are the problem, vessel narrowing may be the solution.

Enter topical vasoconstrictors.

Vasoconstrictor medications narrow blood vessels, restricting excessive blood flow. For those with rosacea, topical vasoconstrictor creams are essentially the perfect anti-redness creams. 

Here at Strut Health, we use the topical vasoconstrictor Oxymetazoline in our rosacea formula and see great patient success. This active ingredient works by narrowing the facial blood vessels under the skin -- thus directly counteracting rosacea blood vessel dilation. 

When those vessels start to contract, redness is reduced. Impressively, topical vasoconstrictors can reduce facial redness for up to 12 hours.

The absurd cost of popular Oxymetazoline anti-redness creams 

Sounds a little too good to be true, eh? 

Well, unfortunately, some Oxymetazoline topical vasoconstrictor creams can be absurdly expensive. This is why Strut Health works to make our rosacea anti-redness solutions as affordable and accessible as possible while improving the formula with additional active ingredients. 

A popular rosacea medication utilizes the power of Oxymetazoline, however, these creams can be a whopping $500 a pop. This is simply unsustainable for most people. 

Making rosacea solutions accessible, affordable and sustainable

We think that rosacea solutions that can help millions feel more confident and comfortable should be easily accessible to all. 

Our compound anti-redness rosacea formulas can be customized for each patient, utilizing Oxymetazoline, Azelaic Acid, Metronidazole, and Ivermectin, depending on what your skin needs are. 

However, our custom creams are only $59. 

Our patients with type 1 rosacea have seen a significant reduction in redness with the use of an anti-redness formula containing Oxymetazoline and Azelaic Acid. 

A Strut Health’s patient’s review of our anti-redness cream for rosacea: 

“I tried the Rosacea type 1 cream after trying many other things with my dermatologist, and I couldn’t afford any of the things she gave me. This formula is amazing. I’ve been wanting to try a vasoconstriction cream for a couple of years but they’re never covered by insurance and they cost hundreds per month. This cream has me shook!! 2 hours after I applied my face was back to its porcelain beautifulness! I could cry I’m so happy!” 
S.B,  Jun 21, 2021 

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