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Telemedicine Safety: Privacy, Safety Measures, and Benefits Explained

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The world of telemedicine is expanding, and for the future of medicine, a telemedicine visit with your doctor may be the norm instead of a niche.

But, as with any broadening frontier, people may have concerns about the safety, privacy, and security of this new and exciting medical medium.

In this article, we will help you get some answers and feel more at ease with telemedicine by outlining the required privacy rules, built-in safety measures, and patient benefits you can expect from your telemedicine visit.

Telemedicine Privacy and Confidentiality

All medical environments, including those in the telemedicine space, are required to abide by the HIPAA act of 1996.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Basically, HIPAA helps ensure that your health information can be easily accessed and transferred by you (if you want), and kept private from anyone other than your healthcare team (to be accessed only when needed for your care).

In the telemedicine realm, this means that all information and communications sent over the platform need to be received and stored in a safe, encrypted, retrievable, and secure manner.

Luckily, secure website encryption and storage measures have grown along with the telemedicine space, and according to the popular healthcare IT site The Healthcare Guys, “Confidentiality for telemedicine is similar to that in the health industry at large.”

Telemedicine Medication and Condition Choices

Another way that telemedicine environments help ensure the safety of the patient is to make educated decisions on which conditions are going to be addressed via telemedicine, and which ones need to be handled immediately or by an in-person visit.

Certain low-risk and easily diagnosable conditions are well-suited to a convenient online doctor’s visit, while serious, life-threatening, or complicated conditions are still better addressed in an in-person, or even emergency room visit.

Over time, with more advances in medicine, the appropriate situations for telemedicine will continue expanding, but for now, doctors on telemedicine platforms will make the call for when a medical issue is suitable for telemedicine, or refer the patient to the appropriate in person-visits or emergency care when needed.

Ultimately, the safe and appropriate care of the patient is the goal.

Strut Health Safety Measures

Here at Strut, we take safety seriously.

Below are just a few of the measures we have in place to develop a safe, accurate, discreet, and reliable environment for your skin and sexual health telemedicine needs.:

  • U.S. licensed and board-certified physicians
  • U.S. licensed and accredited pharmacies
  • Discreet shipping and packaging of medications
  • Medication safety information and instructions readily available on and with your order
  • Private and thorough online consultation through HIPAA-compliant website
  • Real FDA-approved medications from U.S. licensed pharmacies
  • Quick and easy physician contact on the platform or by phone if you have issues or questions

Telemedicine Benefits


Telemedicine can link you and your physician together online nearly instantly, thus reducing delays and wait times for both patient and prescriber.

Delays in care for minor or irritating conditions are significantly shortened by avoiding over-booked offices and work schedule conflicts.


By addressing conditions in a telemedicine environment, many of the time-consuming steps of having an in-person visit are unnecessary including commuting to and from the office, waiting in the lobby, or offices running late.

This means that more patients can be seen efficiently by prescribers, and patients have less of their day interrupted by a doctor’s visit.


With in-person visits, there is generally a cost for the office visit in addition to the cost of any prescribed medications, not to mention any travel-related or missed work costs.

With the efficiency of telemedicine for both the patient and prescriber, the additional costs of the office visit can often be significantly reduced or free, and the travel expenses will be non-existent.


Telemedicine platforms tend to be easily affordable and are open and available to anyone who can access the internet.

This means that telemedicine can overcome patient boundaries to care including geographical location, lack of transportation, inability to take time off work, or socioeconomic status.


With a well-structured and secure telemedicine platform, your online doctor’s visit can be a one-on-one experience with little distractions from the hustle and bustle of a busy office environment.

With the time saved for both patient and physician by linking up via the telemedicine platform, extra time can be allotted to provide the patient with the most directed attention and highest-quality care in a comfortable environment. is our telemedicine platform for Strut Health, and we are devoted to exceptional online care for your common skin and sexual health needs.

Our physicians are hand-selected as providers who are as concerned with excellent patient care as they are your privacy and health information confidentiality.

Here at we specialize in Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Female orgasmic disorder, Hair loss, Cold sores, Nail fungus, Acne, Scars, Melasma, Rosacea, and Skin aging.

You can Start Here to get started with your sexual health or dermatology telemedicine visit today.

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