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Why Minoxidil Shedding Is A Good Sign | Hair Loss Treatment

Minoxidil may cause hair shedding in the beginning. Learn why this happens and why you shouldn't be too worried.

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If you’ve started using Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) and have begun experiencing hair shedding, you might be panicking.

But don’t!

We understand that hair shedding is just about the last thing you want when you begin a hair loss treatment, but rest assured, this shedding can actually be a good sign!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they begin using a hair loss product is not giving the product enough time to actually start helping.

Don’t let this common (and usually temporary) phase discourage you.

In this article, we’ll break down why Minoxidil shedding is happening, what to expect, and when this normal shedding process will stop.

Why can shedding happen when using Minoxidil?

There is a pretty simple explanation for this common Minoxidil effect.

When you begin using Minoxidil, your hair follicles are “forced” from their slumber and very quickly nudged into the growing phase of the hair cycle.

This nudge can cause a sudden rush of blood flow and oxygen to your hair follicles (stimulating growth) which may cause any non-growing hairs to shed as your follicle begins to transition to the new growth phase.

Hair that is already preparing for the shedding phase, might be pushed into shedding a bit early; which may appear as excess shedding. But, maybe think of it as setting the stage for new growth.

This is just a normal part of the shedding cycle, just a little ahead of schedule.

It’s important to understand that shedding is a perfectly normal part of the hair growth process, however, when using hair loss treatments like Minoxidil, the hair growth process gets a jump start.

Hair grows in a cyclical pattern: growth, transition, rest, shedding, and back to growth.

Minoxidil gives this cycle a boost and puts your hair follicles on the fast track to the growth phase; which may result in some initial hair shedding.

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How long will this Minoxidil shedding phase last?

The good news here is that Minoxidil shedding typically occurs during the beginning of treatment.

Research shows shedding can begin 2 to 8 weeks after beginning Minoxidil use.

Remember that this shedding is a good sign that the Minoxidil is increasing blood flow to your hair follicles and causing a jumpstart to your hair growth cycle.

So, while this temporary phase might feel discouraging - remember that it is part of the process.

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The hairs that shed were near to shedding anyway

Because Minoxidil can kick start the hair from the resting phase to the growth phase, the hair that sheds, as a result, were destined to be shed as a normal part of the hair growth process.

However, because this treatment is a fast track, it can also fast track the shedding phase as well.

Basically, it's not shedding hairs that were planning on growing for the next few years, it's clearing the ones that were planning their exit and had already started the shedding process by venturing into the "resting phase".

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How long until Minoxidil begins to help reduce shedding?

Minoxidil immediately starts to positively impact your hair growth. However, you may not see noticeable changes in your hair for 2-4 months.

Often, the hair loss you experienced before trying Minoxidil took time to peak; the same will be true for regrowth.

Regrowth takes time and often requires the patience of those who use hair loss products like Minoxidil.

Don’t quit the use of Minoxidil just because you are experiencing initial shedding. This is a normal and expected phase of your hair growth process.

If you are experiencing Minoxidil shedding, don’t fret and continue to apply your product as directed.

Minoxidil Shedding: Key Takeaways

  • Minoxidil shedding is a common and expected initial phase of this common hair loss treatment.
  • This shedding typically occurs during the initial period of beginning treatment: Starting at 2-4 weeks.
  • Minoxidil shedding is a great sign that the treatment is pushing the hair follicles into a growth phase.
  • This is just a normal part of the shedding cycle, but a little ahead of schedule.
  • Don’t give up hope if you are experiencing Minoxidil shedding, this is to be expected.

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