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Is Rhofade Discontinued?: Where To Get It Compounded

Learn if Rhofade has been discontinued and how to get it compounded into a cream from a compounding pharmacy.

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Rhofade is a popular topical medication used for rosacea to help achieve less facial redness.

This medication works pretty well for facial redness by helping to prevent the dilation of small vessels under the skin that can make the face look red or feel flushed.

However, recently, some people have had trouble getting their hands on their usual Rhofade medication. And, others are getting information from their doctors and pharmacists that the medication has been discontinued and that they should switch to alternative treatments.

This has obviously led to some distress for people with rosacea who have good results with this medication. Some people may even have found that this is the only medication that has worked for them at all, and are at a loss for what to do now.

But, has Rhofade really been discontinued? If not, what is causing the lack of availability?

Below, we will go over just what is happening with the unavailability of Rhofade currently, including if it is really discontinued, if it might come back at some point, if a generic version is available, and how you might be able to get it compounded for you.

Is Rhofade discontinued?

Technically, Rhofade is not currently discontinued. It is not at the moment listed as being discontinued or a shortage medication according to the FDA.

However, something is clearly happening since pharmacy suppliers are out.

What is behind this lack of availability is that the company that makes Rhofade, Novan, has filed for bankruptcy as of July 2023. Because of this, they are also selling off many of their assets, likely including the Rhofade manufacturing rights. 

Because of these things in the works, they seem to have put a stop to the manufacturing of Rhofade for now. 

Will Rhofade ever be available again?

It is unclear if the brand name Rhofade will ever be available again. With the popularity of this drug for Rosacea, and the fact that the patent for this brand medication is still going, it may be possible that the acquiring company will bring it back. 

One person posted an email response from Novan when asking about the return of Rhofade, and got the following information: “We do expect Rhofade to return to the market shortly but do not have any confirmed dates yet.”

So, we will have to wait and see how this plays out.

Does Rhofade have a generic version?

One of the puzzle pieces here is that Rhofade does not currently have generic versions available that contain the exact same active ingredient, Oxymetazoline.

If there were a generic available, this would be an easy call for the patient and prescriber, simply switch over to the generic version to get the medication (and save a lot of money in the process).

But, since Rhofade is still under brand patent, these generic forms aren’t available yet.

How to get the Rhofade compounded

Currently, the only way to source the active ingredient in Rhofade, Oxymetazoline, inside of a cream for rosacea treatment, is to get it compounded from a compounding pharmacy.

Compounding pharmacies are able to make medications from raw ingredients according to a prescription from a doctor, and they may be able to help you continue on your Oxymetazoline topical treatment while this Rhofade issue is going on.

Strut Health Rosacea Formula with Oxymetazoline (Rhofade active ingredient)

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