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Can You Tighten The Skin on Your Face? 8 Helpful Tips

While not all skin sagging can be naturally taken care of, there may be a few tips and tricks on how to tighten skin on your face.

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Over time, nearly everyone will start noticing some looser skin on their face. While this is normal and generally occurs from the breakdown or less production of collagen in the skin, you may be looking into ways on how to tighten skin as much as possible.

While not all skin sagging can be naturally taken care of, there may be a few tips and tricks to keep the skin on your face looking and feeling tighter.

1. Always wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is arguably the best long-term beauty tool out there, as sun damage is the number 1 cause of skin aging.

UV damage occurs when the sun is exposed to sunlight unprotected, and over time this damage can break down the skin’s collagen and make skin look and feel loose.

To help make sure you aren’t increasing the loose skin on your face by venturing out without sunscreen, pick up a gentle sunscreen meant for the face and add it into your everyday makeup routine.

2. Look to collagen boosters

Now that we know it is the collagen in the skin that helps it stay tight, elastic, and bouncy, you want to help bring that back any way you can.

There are a few skincare ingredients out there that can help boost your skin’s natural production of collagen, like peptides, vitamin C, and retinoids like Tretinoin.

Our pharmaceutical-grade beauty creams, Strut Brightly and Strut Anti-Aging contain a mixture of a few of these collagen-boosting ingredients. Have a quick 10-15 minute free online visit with our doctors today to see if our prescription beauty creams are the collagen boost your skin has been missing.

3. Keep the moisture up

If your skin is constantly lacking moisture it can show up as dull, loose, and dry. Keep the moisture up in your skin from the inside out by applying a hydrating moisturizer at least twice a day, and making sure you are drinking plenty of water.

4. Skip the tanning

You may like the look of a healthy glow, but putting your skin under the harsh rays of the sun or a tanning bed unprotected can lead to UV damage and droopy skin over time. If you must go for the bronzed beauty look, apply a self-tanner to get a tanned glow without damaging your skin in the process.

5. Ditch your vices

If you are a smoker or use alcohol regularly, you may be increasing the dehydration and damage to your skin, causing it to lose collagen and feel looser. Ditch the smoking for the health of your skin (and many other parts of your body), and keep alcohol use moderate to make sure they aren’t contributing to loose skin.

6. Hit the gym

If you haven’t figured it out yet, exercise is good for pretty much everything in your body, including how great your skin looks.

Working out help increase your blood flow to your skin, bringing more oxygen and nutrient to the area and helping your skin look tight and healthier.

7. Get your daily antioxidants

Making sure your diet is full of plenty of antioxidant-rich foods will help you take on the stresses of the day and environment without them making an appearance on your face in the form of dry, damaged, sagging skin. Eat a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables, and plenty of healthy fats and proteins to make sure your skin is getting everything it needs to look tight and bouncy.

8. Try a gentle massage

Giving your face a gentle massage for a few minutes, either with a face massage tool, or just while you are applying your daily skincare products may help increase the circulation of your skin and could increase the natural production of skin tightening components like fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin.

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