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9 Tips To Help Prevent Cold Sores From Forming

Follow these 9 tips to help prevent cold sores from popping up, or help clear them quicker if they do form.

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The virus that causes cold sores (HSV-1) sticks around in your system forever, so knowing what can trigger an annoying lip cold sore may help you avoid having to deal with them at all.

HSV-1 is a common virus that about 2/3rds of the global population under the age of 50 has to deal with.

If you are prone to cold sores, you may be better off following these tips on a regular basis to ensure they never form in the first place.

In this article, we will cover how to prevent cold sores on an everyday basis.

1. Keep a journal of your triggers

Keep track of anything that may have triggered a cold sore outbreak to help you avoid the same situation in the future.

Cold sores can be brought on by many things, including:

  • Some foods
  • Stress
  • Illness/Surgery
  • Poor sleep
  • Sun/Wind/Cold weather
  • Skin injury
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Lowered immune system

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2. Manage your stress levels

High stress levels can easily bring on a cold sore, which we all know does not help any tough situation.

Integrate a stress-relieving routine on the regular to ensure that those pesky cold sores don’t even think about getting started.

Some great stress-relieving options include scheduled regular workouts, yoga, meditation, massages, or relaxing baths.

3. Avoid getting sick

If you know the common times you find yourself getting a cold or virus, take extra measures to bulk up your immune system on those days.

Pop a zinc, lysine, and multivitamin before heading to a major airport, theme park, or crowded event.

Do your best to avoid coming into contact with people who are currently coming down with something.

4. Protect those lips!

Lip protection often gets overlooked when you are heading out for fun in the sun or snow, and this could be increasing your risk of a cold sore springing up.

Bring an SPF lip balm with you to the beach, and include a thick protective balm with your ski gear.

Damage or cracks on the lips may encourage cold sore development, so use a hydrating balm every day to avoid chapping.

5. Follow a regular sleep schedule

It’s no coincidence that those late nights in studying or out celebrating may also coincide with a cold sore outbreak.

An irregular or inadequate sleep schedule may increase your risk of a cold sore recurrence.

Follow a regular sleep/wake cycle every day for cold sore prevention (among other well-known health benefits.)

6. Do your best to keep hormones steady

Some regular monthly hormone fluctuations are natural, normal, and unavoidable. But, do your best to avoid unnecessary hormone fluctuations to best avoid cold sores.

If you are using hormonal birth control, try to find one you will stick with and use on a regular basis to avoid too many fluctuations during use.

Set a timer on your phone to ensure you are taking your hormonal medications as directed to avoid throwing your body for a loop and putting you at risk for cold sore development.

7. L-lysine supplements

One study gave participants 1,000mg of lysine three times daily for 6 months and found that the lysine group developed 2.4 fewer cold sores than the placebo group that did not receive treatment.

For daily cold sore prevention, a dosage of 1,000mg (1gm) L-lysine once daily in supplement form should be plenty.

8. Hands-off

If you find yourself absentmindedly touching your face throughout the day, you may be putting yourself at risk for cold sore development.

Even though you may not have an active cold sore, touching an object that someone with an active cold sore touched without washing their hands may deposit the virus on your fingers which could then be transferred to your face.

When in a public area, take care to avoid touching too many rails, handles, or commonly touched areas and wash your hands regularly.

9. Consider a daily antiviral medication

If you find yourself constantly struggling with cold sores, you may want to speak with a doctor to see if an everyday preventative medication is right for you.

Valacyclovir is an antiviral medication that can be taken once daily to reduce your chances of a cold sore returning by about ⅓.

Have a free online questionnaire-based visit with our Strut Health U.S. licensed physicians today to see if Valacyclovir is a good option for you.

If you are a good candidate for Valacyclovir, we will quickly and discreetly ship your medication directly to your front door.

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