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How To Get Clear Skin: 18 Tips To Reach Your Skin Goals

In this article, we will go over 18 tips to make sure you are doing everything that you can to ensure clear and glowy skin on a daily basis.

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So, you are having trouble achieving or maintaining clear skin.

Sometimes all you need to make significant changes to your skin is to tweak a few of your daily activities or habits.

And the best part - most of these are totally free!

In this article, we will go over 18 tips to make sure you are doing everything that you can to ensure clear and glowy skin on a daily basis.

1. Use a gentle cleanser.

Those with troublesome acne often go for harsher more drying cleansers.

However, intense cleansers can strip the skin of natural oils, and eventually lead to more acne by stimulating the skin to produce even more oil.

Stick with something more gentle to avoid dryness and irritation.

2. Choose a toner.

Grab an alcohol-free toner to use on a daily basis.

Toners help by helping skin maintain a proper pH, can be soothing to irritated skin, help remove excess dirt and makeup left behind, and usually smell great.


3. Clean up your diet.

Steer away from processed foods and sugar if you want a glowing complexion.

Fruits and vegetables are full of skin-boosting antioxidants and nutrients, so train yourself into reaching for some health-boosting berries next time you have a sweet tooth.

4. Make your sleep a priority.

Sleep gives the skin time to regenerate and renew itself, so if you are cutting those hours short you are not doing yourself any favors.

Prioritize a healthy amount of sleep to see if it helps with your skin issues.

5. Sunscreen!

Excess sun can trigger outbreaks in some people, not to mention the sun’s skin-aging effects.

Always apply a daily sunscreen to keep your skin looking fresh and clear.

Find a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic or oil-free to make sure it is not clogging up those pores.

6. Clean your phone and headphones.

We don’t even want to go into why your phone may be one of the dirtiest things you own - just take our word for it.

So, obviously pressing it up to your skin is not the best idea for a flawless complexion.

Regularly clean your phone and large headphones, or get into the habit of using earbuds to take those calls.

7. Don’t let retinoids scare you.

If your skin is in need of some serious help, don’t let retinoids scare you away.

Even though clinical strength retinoids may have initial side effects including burning, redness, and peeling, people put up with those early irritations because retinoids tend to really work.

Our Strut Acne, Strut Acne Scar, and Strut Anti-Aging formulas all contain prescription-strength Tretinoin to turn you into a retinoid believer.

If you want to see if any of these formulations are appropriate for you, schedule an Online Visit with our doctors today.

8. Washing your face before bed is not optional.

Sleeping with your makeup on, or even without washing off the dirt and sweat of the day can make your acne much worse.

If you know you are sometimes tempted to turn in without doing your full skin nighttime routine, at least leave a packet of face cleansing wipes on your bedside table for a partial clean up.

9. Don’t over wash.

Aim for washing your face twice daily - once in the morning and once at night.

While you may think that the more you can wash the better, you may actually be irritating your skin or removing the natural skin barrier and oils that you want to stay there by overwashing.

Twice a day washing should be plenty.

10. Stop touching your face.

Your hands aren’t always perfectly clean, so if you have a habit of resting your chin on your hand or absentmindedly touching your face, you may have some skin issues because of it.

Be aware of when you touch your face and make an effort to undo those bad habits.

11. Clean your pillowcases.

Pick up a few extra pillowcases so you can switch it out every few days.

Your pillowcases can hold on to a build-up of skin cells, oil, hair products, and face products - so you want these to be freshened up as often as possible.

12. Rethink your hair routine.

If you are following all the proper skincare tips, but your hair has 5 products in there and hasn’t been washed since last Tuesday - you are exposing your face to lots of oil and hair products it may not like.

To keep your skin in check - keep hair products to a minimum and wash your hair when it gets oily.

13. Clean your makeup brushes.

Your favorite makeup brush accumulates a bit of oil, skin bacteria, and dead skin every time you use it.

Over time, this means that your makeup routine may be bringing on unwanted outbreaks.

Wash your brushes with a gentle soap or brush cleanser on a weekly basis.

14. Moisturize.

Dry skin has a harder time keeping irritation and bacteria at bay, so while you may think you are “drying up” your breakout, you may be making it worse.

Moisturized skin helps keep your natural protective skin barriers and oils in place, staving away those blemishes.

Find a gentle oil-free moisturizer and apply to clean skin twice daily after washing and toning.

15. Start an exfoliation routine.

Part of what causes blemishes are clogged pores, and a big part of why pores get clogged is that there are too many dead skin cells around.

Clean up those extra skin cells by working in a gentle chemical exfoliant on a weekly basis.

16. Drink so much water.

Hydrated skin is happy skin.

And since you can only do so much with applying a moisturizer, you are going to have to hydrate skin the old-fashioned way - with drinking water.

If you aren’t a fan of unflavored drinks, try a sugar-free flavored sparkling water, or squeeze some citrus in.

17. Turn down the temperature during your shower.

Very hot showers can strip the skin of its healthy oils.

This could lead to dry skin that is open to pathogens and irritations.

Stick to warm water during your shower to keep your skin happy.

18. Relax.

Excess stress hormones can increase oil production, and lead to more or worsening skin problems.

Have a stress-relieving plan in place to make sure those stressful days aren’t showing up on your face.

If all else fails, get help from a doctor.

If all the tips in the world don’t seem to touch your breakouts, it may be time to look into something stronger for your skin.

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