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How To Clean a Dermaroller: 4 Easy Steps

When using a dermaroller for your skin, hair, or scalp health, it is important to properly clean your device. Learn how to clean and sanitize your dermaroller in 4 steps.

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A dermaroller is a relatively new beauty tool that is commonly used for hair or skin improvements.

However, since this device consists of rows of hundreds of tiny needles that deliver micro-punctures to your skin and scalp – it is very important to make sure the dermaroller is clean and sanitized before each use. After all, your hair and skin may not look that great if irritation or skin infections occur from using dirty devices.

Below, we will give you 4 easy-to-follow steps and tips to ensure your device is clean, sanitized, and ready to use before each dermarolling session.

1. Clean debris and residue from your dermaroller

Step one is cleaning your dermaroller. Cleaning refers to the removal of visible dirt, grime, skin cells, or anything else that may be stuck on the device.

You should be able to achieve cleaning of a device by running it under warm water for a few seconds until you cannot see anything on the roller at all.

Sometimes, you may have some dead skin, hair products, or other things stuck on or in the dermaroller device and may need a little help cleaning them out. In this situation, do not use your fingers to avoid hurting yourself with the needles or damaging the needles.

You can use an unused soft toothbrush working under the warm water or near the steam of warm running water to help brush and rinse any debris or grime away.

2. Sanitize your dermaroller

Next up is sanitizing. Cleaning did the job of removing visible dirt, grime, and debris, but you now need to employ sanitizing to significantly reduce the number of bacteria and microorganisms present on your dermaroller.

You can sanitize your dermaroller by using either 70% isopropyl alcohol or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Try to stick to these percentages to ensure they can kill bacteria properly while also not evaporating too quickly.

Get a clean cup or container and pour in enough of your chosen sanitizing agent to be able to cover the whole wheel of your dermaroller when it is submerged.

Then, gently place your dermaroller in the cup, taking care to put it in gently or in a way where the needles are not bent or you are putting too much pressure on them.

Leave your dermaroller in the alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for 5-15 minutes to let the solution do its sanitizing.

3. Do another rinse

Do not go straight from the sanitizer solution to your face or scalp. Solutions like isopropyl alcohol can sting or cause skin irritation.

To rinse off the alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, rinse the dermaroller again under warm running water for a few seconds.

4. Let your dermaroller air-dry

You want to let your dermaroller airdry and only use it when it is dry.

Place a fresh, clean paper towel down on a clean surface and carefully set your dermaroller on that to allow it to fully dry before use.

Avoid fabric towels at this step, as it is easy for the needles to tangle in the fibers and could lead to a damaged device or pulled towels.

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Now that you know how to properly clean, sanitize, and dry a dermaroller, you may be ready to take the steps to use one.

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