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7 Easy Ways to Calm Your Rosacea Flare-up

If you’re dealing with a rosacea flare-up, you’re likely ready for it to clear fast. Learn 7 ways to help calm a rosacea flare-up in no time.

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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects more than 14 million people in the United States.

This condition can result in facial redness, swollen bumps, and inflammation. If you’re dealing with a rosacea flare-up, you’re likely not alone.

This is why we’ve compiled a guide on how to calm a rosacea flare-up.

Keep scrolling for 7 easy ways to reduce the symptoms of a rosacea flare-up.

1. Check-in with your stress levels

Stress can be a rosacea trigger. So if you’re having a rosacea flare-up right now, try some stress relief and stress management. If you’re nodding your head right now, saying to yourself “Yeah, I’m beyond stressed right now”, your rosacea flare-up might be connected to your stress.

In moments of stress, try focusing on your deep breathing and taking things one step at a time.

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2. Cleanse with gentle cleansers

Another trigger for rosacea is harsh skincare products. Make sure you are cleansing your skin (twice a day) with a gentle, pH-neutral cleanser.

Stay away from things with alcohol, fragrance, glycolic and lactic acid, and sodium lauryl sulfate. These can be incredibly inflammatory to those with rosacea and sensitive skin. If you’re trying to soothe a rosacea flare-up, try fragrance-free cream-based cleansers or fragrance-free oil-based cleansers.

3. Reach for anti-inflammatory products

A rosacea flare-up could signal some sort of inflammation. Because of this, you’ll want to soothe your skin with products that contain oatmeal, lavender, licorice extract, or chamomile. Since you are nursing a rosacea flare-up, you want to keep in mind that you’re trying to soothe your skin -- anti-inflammatory products can help with that.

4. Smooth on a soothing aloe vera mask

Aloe vera is great for reducing rosacea redness, but it’s also incredibly soothing and healing for the skin (Jackpot!). Try slathering on some 100% pure organic aloe vera gel as a mask.

You can also try a DIY soothing oatmeal mask.

5. Protect your skin from the sun

Sun exposure or UV rays are one of the most frequent causes of a rosacea flare-up. We can’t say this enough: protect yourself from the sun!

When choosing a sunscreen that is safe for rosacea, dermatologists recommend looking for a sunscreen that is fragrance-free, broad-spectrum, contains zinc oxide, and is SPF 30 or higher. If you have a rosacea flare-up, do your homework before using sunscreen, as some can contain some inflammatory or pore-clogging ingredients.

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6. Moisturize! (Even if you have oily skin)

Most who have rosacea also deal with dry, itchy, and irritated skin; so moisturizing is a big deal. Consistent moisturizing of the skin helps to strengthen the skin barrier, which can help reduce itching or skin irritation.

The National Rosacea Society stresses the importance of moisturizing for anyone with rosacea. Even if you don’t feel like you have dry skin -- moisturize! Try a gentle moisturizer containing niacinamide as that can help bolster the health of our skin barrier.

7. Limit alcohol

Hate to put a damper on the party, but a common rosacea trigger is alcoholic drinks, especially red wine. If you are having a flare-up of rosacea, a good rule of thumb is to steer clear of alcohol. Nearly 9 out of 10 people with rosacea say they carefully limit their alcohol intake. 90% of these rosacea patients say this switch has helped reduce their rosacea flare-ups.

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