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How To Buy Enclomiphene Online Safely: 5 Tips

You can find enclomiphene online from legitimate sources. Be on the lookout for these 5 tips that you are getting it from a safe source.

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Enclomiphene citrate is an off-label medication that is growing in popularity for use as a low testosterone treatment.

This medication is not currently available as a manufactured medication. However, you can legally get enclomiphene compounded through a compounding pharmacy with a prescription (like through us at But, some online sources are attempting to sell potentially questionable enclomiphene capsules without going through the proper channels (doctors and pharmacies).

So, how can you tell legitimate online telemedicine sources apart from questionable online sellers?

Below, we will outline 5 tips to help you differentiate between a proper online telemedicine source of enclomiphene, and other sellers that you should probably steer clear of.

1. Make sure a prescription from a licensed doctor is involved

Enclomiphene is currently a prescription-only medication in the U.S..

For this reason, if some place is trying to sell it to you without a U.S.-licensed doctor issuing a prescription first – something is wrong.

This medication is not appropriate for everyone. So, getting your hands on it (assuming it is the right chemical) without a prescription and doctor’s review, could be a recipe for increased side effects or interactions.

2. Be sure the medication is being compounded by a licensed pharmacy

The only way to currently legally source enclomiphene is through a compounding pharmacy with a prescription from a U.S. doctor. A compounding pharmacy will take some of the raw active ingredient, sourced from reputable vendors, and calculate a recipe to make it into a dosage form for you in a clean pharmacy lab environment. This is usually a capsule or tablet formula.

A compounding pharmacy has the skill and expertise to make a raw chemical ingredient into a precise dosage form and strength, that is checked and verified by a licensed pharmacist. And, compounding pharmacies are regulated by the federal and state boards of pharmacy with regular inspections and standards to uphold.

Online sources that skip this integral pharmacy step may be using tainted, poorly stored, or low-potency ingredients, and do not have access to reputable ingredient vendors like a licensed pharmacy does. This could lead to you getting low-quality active ingredients, medications made in unsanitary production areas, or capsules that are not the ingredient or potency you want at all.

3. Get a test done to check your current testosterone levels

Boosting testosterone levels may not be appropriate for every man. Too high levels of testosterone may not be safe or make you feel off, just as much as low testosterone levels.

For this reason, it is important to know your baseline levels before starting treatment. And, enclomiphene is usually only warranted when testosterone levels come back below a normal range.

Reputable and legal sources of enclomiphene know this, and will likely only issue an enclomiphene prescription after seeing where your current testosterone levels are at first. If an online source is willing to ship you some enclomiphene without knowing your hormone levels, you should take this as a red flag.

4. Make sure that you are asked for your current prescriptions and health conditions

As we mentioned above, enclomiphene must be prescribed through a doctor. This is in place to make sure that your current prescriptions, health conditions, and hormone levels are reviewed first.

If you have certain health conditions, or interacting or similar medications, it should be communicated to you that this treatment is not appropriate or safe for you to use.

If a source for enclomiphene doesn’t ask about your current health conditions or what medication and supplements you are taking, this is a warning sign.

5. Verify that the dosage is in the usual range

The dosage of a medication that is used is nearly as important as the choice of drug itself.

The strength of each dose is extremely important to get the desired results from a medication, and this should be prominently displayed and communicated from a reputable medication source.

If an online seller is offering just “enclomiphene” with no mention of strength in the information, box, or labeling – this is an issue.

Depending on your needs, enclomiphene is usually prescribed in strengths of 6.25mg, 12.5mg, or 25mg per dose (for off-label testosterone treatment). A reputable online telemedicine source working with doctors and pharmacies will make your prescribed dose extremely clear.

Strut Health enclomiphene prescribed by doctors online

Now that you know some of the red flags when it comes to looking for enclomiphene online, maybe we can offer you a smart choice that checks off all of these boxes.

Here at Strut Health, we are a secure telemedicine service working with U.S.-licensed doctors and compounding pharmacies to bring you the latest in compounded health options since 2019.

Our latest offering, Strut Mojo, is enclomiphene citrate (with or without tadalafil) in various dosages based on your needs, current hormone levels, and medical history.

To get started, simply add Strut Mojo to your cart, and complete a free online questionnaire-based doctor’s consultation in under 15 minutes. Once our doctors have reviewed your information, they will issue the prescription to a U.S. compounding pharmacy, if appropriate. Then, your medication will be shipped to your front door with our fast and free shipping. 

Any questions or concerns with your treatment? Get back in touch with our team or your doctor at any time with our free, unlimited follow-ups.

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