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How Long Does Enclomiphene Take To Increase Testosterone?

Learn how long it takes for your testosterone levels to increase after you start taking enclomiphene daily.

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Enclomiphene is a medication that is sometimes used off-label to help men with low testosterone levels (hypogonadism) increase those levels.

Having low testosterone levels in men can come along with symptoms including: reduced libido, depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, increased body fat, and decreased muscle mass.

Since some of these symptoms can end up making you feel pretty lousy, it makes sense that you would want to know just how quickly this treatment can increase your testosterone levels.

Below, we will review approximately how long after starting enclomiphene treatment your testosterone levels will likely increase, and how quickly they will decrease again if this medication is stopped. 

How long does enclomiphene take to increase testosterone?

We have a few studies done in men with low testosterone taking a daily dose of enclomiphene where they periodically measured changes in total testosterone levels. These studies, while many are small, can give us a general estimate of what may happen to testosterone levels in men using this medication.

In one study, participants with baseline low testosterone levels were given either 6.25mg of enclomiphene, 12.5mg of enclomiphene, 25mg of enclomiphene, or the general dose of transdermal testosterone replacements once daily. Below, is a chart from this study showing how all medications significantly increased total testosterone levels in as little as 2 weeks:

As you can see, after 2 weeks of treatment, the orange triangles (topical testosterone) increased total testosterone levels the most, followed closely by the highest dose of enclomiphene, 25mg represented by the red squares. The lower doses of enclomiphene (the green squares and the green-outlined open squares), raised total testosterone the least, but still made a difference.

Another study also reported a significant increase in total testosterone levels after 2 weeks of treatment with oral enclomiphene. And, this study also noted that by week 4, the levels had increased to a steady state that held throughout the whole rest of the study (112 days). This suggests that by 4 weeks of treatment with oral enclomiphene, you may get to the approximate highest steady-state levels for that dose for you.

How long after stopping enclomiphene do testosterone levels decline again?

One of the same studies mentioned above decided to add in a final total testosterone measurement, after 1 week of being off of all enclomiphene or topical testosterone replacement treatments.

This study found that after 7 days of stopping treatments, the enclomiphene groups did have declined testosterone levels, although the remained significantly higher than the participant’s baseline testosterone levels. However, the topical testosterone group had much further declined testosterone levels, and these levels were even lower than the baseline total testosterone levels at the start of the trial. (See graph below)

While this shows what levels may look like after stopping enclomiphene treatment for 7 days, we don’t know how much further levels might decline (or hold up) for longer periods of time off of this medication, and more studies need to be done to know for sure.

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