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How Does Tretinoin Cream Improve Your Skin?

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Tretinoin is one of the most popular retinoids on the market for skin.

And everyone knows that retinoids can improve your skin’s appearance, but just what is actually happening when you apply Tretinoin to give us these great effects?

In this article, we will go over some of the skin benefits backed up by science to delve into just what is going on under the surface when you apply your Tretinoin cream.

Improves Signs of Skin Aging from Sun Exposure

When skin starts looking, well, older, the real culprit is the sun, and sun exposure can cause damage over time, leading to “photoaging”.

Multiple studies have been done with Tretinoin showing that this retinoid is capable of helping reduce signs of photoaging.

Signs of photoaging include: Spider veins, pigmented spots, loss of skin tone, wrinkles around mouth, eyes, and forehead.

In one 16 week trial with 30 participants, all applied Tretinoin to just one forearm, 15 applied Tretinoin to their face once daily, and 15 applied a placebo cream to their face once daily.

At the end of the study, all 30 forearms that were treated had reduced signs of photoaging as compared to the non-treated arm, and 14 out of 15 of those applying Tretinoin to the face had significant photoaging improvement as compared to 0 out of 15 for the placebo group.

Increased Collagen to Reduce Fine Lines

Collagen provides strength and resiliency to skin, and plays a role in helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

One study demonstrated that applying Tretinoin to skin that was aged from sun exposure, led to an 80% increase in collagen formation as compared to the sun-damaged skin that was not treated with Tretinoin.

By keeping those collagen levels high, Tretinoin does its job by keeping (or helping restore) that bounce in your skin, even if you don’t feel like giving up sunbathing.

Improved Melasma Appearance

Melasma is a common skin condition that is characterized by brown to grey patches of skin that appear on the face, forearms, or neck.

Given that Tretinoin has a knack for helping to quickly turn over cells, researchers were curious to see if this common beauty ingredient could help with Melasma.

One controlled study with 38 participants had half of the patients apply a Tretinoin cream daily, and half apply a placebo cream.

At the end of the trial, 68% of the Tretinoin melasma group were clinically rated as improved or much improved, where only 5% of the placebo group were clinically rated as improved.

Quicker Healing after Facial Peels

So, Tretinoin is great for healthy skin turnover, but what about after intense cosmetic treatments like chemical peels?

One study had 16 patients apply either a Tretinoin cream or a placebo cream once daily for 14 days prior to the chemical peel.

After the day of the peel, the skin was analyzed to see how quickly it was healing.

They found that the pretreatment with Tretinoin before undergoing a peel significantly speed healing time in the treatment group as compared to the placebo group.

It may help encourage those who are worried about long healing times post peel procedure to consider treatment if they knew recovery times were not as long.

Fade Liver Spots

Liver spots, or "age spots" can be distressing to patients due to their association with age and aging skin.

But, ultimately, liver spots are just areas of hyperpigmentation and there may be things that can be done about them.

One study looked into Tretinoin’s efficacy for helping fade age spots on the face and/or upper extremities.

The randomized and controlled study had 58 participants apply either a Tretinoin cream or a placebo cream once daily to the affected liver spot areas.

After 10 months, 83% of the Tretinoin group had a significant lightening of facial liver spots, as compared to only 29% of the placebo cream group.

The Tretinoin treatment group also had significant increases in skin thickness as compared to the placebo group.

Help Clear up Acne

Keeping your skin clear from clogged pores and acne is just as important as keeping wrinkles at bay for the sake of your skin appearance.

Retinoids have long been a mainstay of acne therapy due to their ability to unplug pores clogged with blackheads and whiteheads and reduce pimple formation in addition to having a strong anti-inflammatory effect on skin.

With their strong long-term safety profile as compared to oral acne medications, and the lack of risks including bacterial resistance, retinoids are considered a first-line option for acne sufferers.

Strut Acne and Strut Anti Aging

If you find yourself dealing with some of the above problems and want to look into Tretinoin therapy for your skin, you can schedule an Online Visit with our U.S. licensed doctors to see if Tretinoin products are a good option for you.

Strut Acne Formula and Strut Anti Aging Formula are physician and pharmacist-crafted compounds that include Tretinoin along with other pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to help target some of the most common skin woes.

If you are a good candidate for either of these medications, we can ship your prescription directly and discreetly to your front door.


Tretinoin is a potent prescription retinoid that can have a wide variety of skin benefits.

Tretinoin can help reduce the signs of skin aging from U.V. exposure.

Reductions of the appearance of fine lines by increasing collagen production in the skin.

Lessen darkened patches caused by Melasma.

Increase healing speed after cosmetic chemical peels.

Reduce the darkness of liver spots in older patients.

Help clear up and prevent the formation of pimples.

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