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How Does Telemedicine Work? 8 Steps To Get Treatment Online

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Telemedicine may be a new word for some, but this new way of having minor conditions addressed may be just what the public needs.

Telemedicine is a way of connecting patients and doctors remotely to have certain conditions evaluated, checked up on, or to get treatment for issues using prescription medications. But, just what are the steps involved in this up-and-coming realm of medicine? Read on to figure out the general steps in a telemedicine consult.

(Here at Strut Health, we are a telemedicine company, so the details are more specific to how our platform works. Although, most telemedicine companies likely have a very similar workflow.)

1. You have a medical issue

Let’s say you are relaxing at home, you take off your shoes, and notice that one of your toenails is starting to look a little funky - there are some dark lines going through the nail.

Or, you have had some really stubborn acne breakouts recently that are driving you crazy and taking a toll on your confidence levels.

For minor medical issues like these, you can either schedule an appointment with a local doctor, commute to the appointment, waiting for the doctor, be seen for a few minutes, leave with a prescription, and then go to a pharmacy to pick it up - or you can schedule a telemedicine consult and keep it simple.

2. You are connected with a real U.S. licensed doctor

Telemedicine platforms connect you with real U.S. licensed and board-certified physicians.

The only difference is that the doctors are looking at a picture of your condition, seeing you with video conferencing technology, or reviewing your concerns and current medical history remotely.

3. Your information and condition are evaluated

After being connected with the doctor, they will review all of your information and concerns and come up with advice for you or treatment options, depending on what you are dealing with and their medical judgment.

This is the same kind of evaluation that would be happening during those few in-person minutes during a regular office visit.

4. Your prescription order is sent to a U.S. Licensed pharmacy

Once you have been thoroughly evaluated by a doctor, they will make a professional judgment as to what next steps you may need.

You may require a prescription, you may not need a prescription, or you may be referred to a specialist or in-person visit if your particular situation is not well suited to telemedicine.

If you do need a prescription, the telemedicine doctor will likely electronically transmit your prescription to a pharmacy to fill it.

5. The pharmacy ships out your prescription

After the pharmacy has the prescription order from the doctor, the U.S. licensed pharmacy will put together your order and ship it to your front door.

Pharmacy shipments are discreetly marked for your privacy and are normally sent quickly to avoid any significant wait time before you can start your treatment.

6. Your prescription arrives at your front door

Your prescription will then arrive at your front door, and you can begin using your medication.

With StrutHealth, all of your instructions for use and any additional information you may want or need will come along in the package.

7. You contact the doctor if you have any questions or concerns

Sometimes, you may think that you are clear on the treatment plan, but once your medication arrives you still have questions.

This is perfectly fine, and at StrutHealth we provide you with a way to ask questions, voice concerns, or get further information either online or by phone whenever you need it, whether it is the first day your package arrives, or weeks into treatment.

8. You return to the site to refill your medication if needed

Refills may not be needed for every medication or situation that you use telemedicine for, but if you do need a refill it is often as simple as logging into your account or making a quick phone call.

The telemedicine site will likely still have all of your information on file and refills will be quick and easy.

Strut Health at

Here at Strut Health, we specialize in skin, hair, and sexual health prescriptions. And we have a passion for developing a quick, easy, effective, and efficient telemedicine experience for our patients.

Telemedicine is still a relatively new way to access healthcare, so it is important to do your research and know all about the process before diving in. If you are interested in learning more about Strut Health, Honest Brand Reviews performed an unbiased evaluation of our company that you can read through here: Honest Brand Reviews - Strut Health.

If you have a lingering issue that you are curious about using telemedicine for, head over to and see how we can help you - from the comfort of your own home.

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