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Holy Grail Sunscreens For Rosacea: Advice From People With Rosacea 

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We scoured the internet for the very best advice on rosacea-friendly sunscreen. Well-intentioned “sensitive” formulas might look good on paper, but how do they really perform on rosacea-prone skin? We took the time to find out. 

We took a consensus of a massive amount of crowdsourced rosacea advice and reviews and narrowed it down to 3 top sunscreens. Keep scrolling so you can protect your skin from the sun while avoiding pesky rosacea flares.  

In this article we’ll share our top 3 sunscreen products and why they work for those with rosacea-prone skin. 

Sunscreen can be a major irritant for those with rosacea if not chosen wisely

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find sunscreens that don’t irritate or cause breakouts when you deal with rosacea. This is a pretty big problem because it’s rosacea care 101 to protect your skin from sun damage. 

Catch 22, eh? 

Some people find hunting for sunscreen results in flushed skin, breakouts. 

A Reddit user on a rosacea thread says “I have sensitive rosacea type 1, oily acne-prone skin, and most sunscreens irritate my skin and cause it to flush to some degree. So I’m constantly searching for a non-irritating one!”

Let’s talk about how to choose the best sunscreen and avoid this frustrating situation. 

Physical or chemical sunscreen for rosacea?  

When choosing sunscreen for rosacea, it’s best to narrow down what type of sun protection you want. Those without rosacea might not have to think too hard about this step but some ingredients are very irritating to those with rosacea. 

The consensus is, physical sunscreens are far less irritating than chemical sunscreen. 

So, it’s best to opt for a physical sunscreen with the main active ingredient of zinc or titanium dioxide. These effective sun protectants shield you from UV rays and are rosacea friendly. (These are also called mineral sunscreens.)

Keep in mind, many brands of sunscreen mix both physical and chemical ingredients. 

For instance, EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 uses physical (zinc) and chemical (octinoxate) ingredients. This might not be enough to irritate your skin, but for some, it could. 

Top 3 holy grail sunscreens for rosacea 

Let’s lay down the must-know details about these 3 rosacea-friendly sunscreens. 

Paula’s Choice Resist SPF 30 


Active Ingredient:  Zinc Oxide 13% 

Why it’s great: This lightly tinted sunscreen protects as it controls redness. With the addition of resveratrol, this sunscreen helps fight the development of wrinkles and reduces redness. (That’s a win!) It leaves a slightly matte finish -- no greasiness. This sunscreen feels almost weightless which is hard to achieve in a physical sunscreen formula. Hats off to Paula’s Choice. 

Rosacea Review: “I have very sensitive skin, mild-medium rosacea, and have no problems using this lotion. The tint is very mild and just ever so gently evens out my skin tone.” - Real reviewer of the product.

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Tinted Face Mineral Lotion SPF 50


Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 4%, Zinc Oxide 4%

This is fragrance-free, oxybenzone-free, no parabens, phthalate-free, PABA-free, Petrolatum-free, SLS (Sulfate) free, Dye free, and Oil free. (They’ve thought of everything.)

Why it’s great: This extremely affordable mineral-tinted sunscreen is a cult favorite. After 13,000 5 star reviews, it’s definitely worth noticing. It’s a mineral sunscreen, tinted enough to softly blur redness or imperfections. It’s formulated with sensitive and reactive skin in mind. The dry down is fast and slightly mattified. You can layer whatever make-up right on top with no issues. 

Rosacea Review:Finally, the holy grail sunscreen!! I have very fair, sensitive skin with type 1 rosacea. Extreme redness, can’t use chemical sunscreens, any added fragrance is iffy for me too. Other tinted mineral sunscreens I tried left a cast, didn’t have enough pigment, caked and flaked in my dry patches and settled into my fine lines-- BUT THIS, this is the holy grail.” -Amazon reviewer


La Roche Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50


Active ingredients: Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 10%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 7%.

Why it’s great: This a massively popular choice for those with sensitive skin, eczema, or rosacea. This is a lightweight 100% mineral sunscreen that is fragrance and paraben-free. This French brand has a lot of great options for sensitive skin. 

Rosacea Review: “It is gentle on my rosacea-prone skin and perfect for warmer weather.” - Real reviewer on 

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