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Help Hide Thinning Hair on Crown With These 5 Men’s Hairstyles

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Hair loss or thinning happens to most men at some point in their lives. But, thinning hair doesn’t mean that you have to go without trendy hairstyles or opt only for a close-shaved look (although that can look great, too).

There are plenty of options for hairstyles out there that can help subtly disguise a lightly thinning crown, keep it from being too apparent, or at least make it blend nicely and look stylishly put together.

Below are a few of the most common choices for men’s hairstyles in those that are noticing various levels of thinning on the crown.

1. Faux hawk

A faux hawk hairstyle can help gather your hair together in a rough point towards the center, helping to make the hair in that area appear thicker, while being directed over any thinning crown areas to help hide the scalp showing through. 

By also keeping the sides cropped shorter with this one, you can help reduce the contrast between the usually thicker hair on the sides of the head and the hair on the top of the head.

This works especially well for hiding thinning if you have light-colored or blonde hair.

2. Slicked back fade

Going with the slicked-back hairstyle with a fade down the sides can help disguise some thinning on the top. This hairstyle normally adds a bump of height to the front of the hair, and is then secured in place with product. 

The structure and height of this hairstyle can help the hair on the top look like it has more thickness than it actually does.

The shorter sides of this cut help make the hair look thicker on the top in comparison to the closely-cropped faded hair on the sides.

3. Choppy high and tight

This hairstyle gives off structured military vibes and is also good for adding the look of more volume to the top. 

In comparison to the more clean-cut crew cut, by going with more choppiness at the top, you can have the appearance of thickness, texture, and fullness -- not to mention a little more visual interest.

4. The buzz cut

Part of what makes hair appear thin is seeing some of the scalp showing through. With the buzz cut, the style is cropped so closely to the skin that even men with the thickest of hair will have some scalp showing through if you look close enough.

By taking all of the hair down to the buzz cut level, you see a little bit of scalp everywhere, making the thinning areas seem less noticeable in contrast.

This cut may also be an easy one to maintain on your own at home with a pair of hair clippers and a few minutes to spare.

5. Casual off-center part

Think of the off-center part like the upgraded and less obvious version of the dated comb-over.

If you want to keep your hair a little longer on the top, but are dealing with some thinning on the crown, you may be able to disguise it a little with a casual swoop from a part starting at one of your temples.

As long as this is casually brushed over in more of a diagonal direction, and not weighed down with sticky gels or products, an off-center part can help disguise a little thinning on the crown. Just avoid heavy products and an obvious straight across direction.

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