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Estradiol Test for Men and Women: Where To Buy and How To Use

Healthy estradiol levels are important for both men and women. Learn how to test your estradiol levels easily with an at-home test kit.

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Even though most people think of Estradiol as being a hormone that only women produce, it is actually made in the body for both men and women (although to a lesser extent in men).

You may be curious about your Estradiol levels, and want to get a quick and accurate measurement from an at-home test. 

Luckily, these sorts of at-home hormone tests are available, and have a pretty fast results turnaround.

Below, we will take you through the basics of at-home Estradiol tests including where you can buy them, why you may want to measure your Estradiol levels, what a dry blood-spot collection kit is, what the kit may include, the general collection and results process, and what to do with your results after you get them.

Where can I buy an at-home Estradiol test kit for men or women?

There may be a few different places where you can buy an at-home hormone test kit including a measurement for Estradiol. However, be careful with the source you choose to make sure your kit is authentic, in date, and will be appropriately processed in a licensed lab.

Here at Strut, we offer a Men’s Health Panel that measures Estradiol as well as Testosterone, Cortisol, and DHEA.

We also carry a Women’s Health Panel that measures for Estradiol, Cortisol, and DHEA.

These at-home test kits, lab processing, and results reporting are all included at one reasonable price of $179.

We are an M.D.-founded telehealth company with a team of doctors, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and customer service representatives to help answer any questions you have about the process.

Why would you want to measure your Estradiol levels?

Estrogen is an important hormone for both men a women. And, there may be a few different reasons why you want to know your Estradiol levels.

Women experience lowered Estradiol levels as they get older, or fluctuations throughout life, like after giving birth. And, this decline may signify perimenopause, or even cause mood, libido, and body changes.

For men, they have an enzyme that can create Estrogen from a certain amount of Testosterone in the body. If men are supplementing with Testosterone, experiencing libido or erection changes, or just feel different, it may be a good idea to check on their hormone levels – Estradiol included.

What is a dry blood spot collection card?

If you order your Estradiol hormone test kit through Strut, you will be collecting a blood-spot sample to measure your levels. This is a small sample of only 5 drops of blood. 

The dry blood Collection card is a patented blood collection device that enables simple finger-prick blood drop collection. The blood spot collection device is intended to facilitate in vitro diagnostic laboratory testing of finger stick blood samples for a variety of clinical chemistry tests. 

The blood collection device consists of a blood collection card that contains a special membrane that separates the red blood cells from the blood serum. Once the blood sample is placed in the designated area and fully dried on the blood collection card, the blood collection card is placed into the sample return pouch and mailed to the testing laboratory.

What is included in the Estradiol dry blood-spot test kit?

Each Strut dry blood-spot collection kit is packaged with: 1 dry blood spot card for collection, an alcohol pad to sterilize the skin, a lancet to puncture the finger, a Band-Aid to apply to the finger after collection, a dry storage pouch for blood card transport, a set of detailed instructions, a barcode label, and a return shipping bag and label.

What is the hormone test kit collection and results process?

The collection kit process is fast and easy. Once you place the order for your kit through Strut, your kit will be shipped to your home or designated address. Then, you will follow all the instructions included in your kit to collect your sample. You will then repackage your sample into the same box and label it with the enclosed return label. Drop your sample kit off at a FedEx drop-off location or schedule a pick-up. Then, your sample will be run at the lab and you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and review or download your results.

What can I do with my Estradiol results?

Some people may want to measure their hormones for their own knowledge, out of curiosity, or to help compare with previous hormone tests. 

Since the results will be delivered directly to you, you can choose how you want to use your results. The results are fully downloadable, so you can share the results with your doctors. 

These tests are not a substitute for medical care, and you should consult with your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms or health issues.

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