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Dr. Bauman: What’s the Strongest DHT Blocker for Male Hair Loss? (Video)

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Dr. Bauman: What’s the strongest DHT blocker for male hair loss? (Video)

(Video Transcript)

So, as we have mentioned before, Finasteride blocks the formation of DHT. But, actually, that’s not the strongest drug that we could use to do that.

Finasteride blocks the type 2 5-alpha reductase, which converts most of your testosterone into DHT. But, there’s still a type 1 that’s left unblocked.

But, the good news is that there’s a medication called Dutasteride which blocks both type 1 and type 2.

So that would lower your DHT even further.

So we can use a topical Dutasteride right on the scalp, to decrease the DHT level even further and hopefully get you a better hair regrowth result.

Now, a lot of folks have been asking me, “Why should we use Dutasteride the same frequency as Finasteride?”, “Why should we use it twice a day?”, actually.

And, the reason is, when we use Dutasteride with Minoxidil, you want to make sure you are still getting that Minoxidil in twice a day because it has a very short half-life. 

The longer half-life with Dutasteride means that, yeah, it’s going to stick around longer. But, we don’t really have a lot of evidence to show that lower doses or infrequent doses of Dutasteride would be just as good.

So, definitely stick with it, twice a day every day when you are using Dutasteride topically on the scalp.

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